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Order food delivery and Indian takeaway online from Kabalason Indian Cafe & Restaurant, 6027-Joondalup Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or cash on delivery.


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Kabalason Indian Cafe Restaurant Offers and Discounts:  Order at Kabalason Indian Cafe Restaurant get 15 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now https://www.ozfoodhunter.com.au/kabalason-indian- cafe-restaurant  Get 25 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – http://bit.ly/2QKEFuv View Menu: Entree Onion Bhaji PRICE 9.90 Vegetable Pakoramildly spiced vegetables dipped in garam flour and golden fried PRICE 9.90 Vegetarian SamosaIndian triangle pastry stuffed with potato masala

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PRICE 9.90 Potato Bondafresh potato filling with mild spicy batter and deep fried PRICE 9.90 Keema Rollspiced deep fried patties of lamb mince PRICE 12.90 Chicken Pakoraboneless chicken marinated in spicy batter and deep fried PRICE 14.90 Chicken Tikkaboneless chicken pieces marinated in spiced yoghurt and cooked in tandoori oven PRICE 14.90 Seekh Kebabspicy minced lamb skewered and grilled in tandoori oven PRICE 14.90 Vegetable Plattera combination of veg pakora veg samosa and onion bhaji PRICE 16.90 Fish Pakoraboneless fish pieces marinated in spices and deep fried PRICE 17.90 Prawn Pakoratiger prawns marinated in spices and deep fried PRICE 17.90 Tandoori Chickentender chicken marinated in spiced yogurt and cooked in a tandoori oven PRICE Full 29.90 PRICE Half 19.90 PRICE Quarter 13.90 Tandoori Chicken Sizzlingskewered chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and tandoori sizzling sauce cooked in a tandoori oven PRICE 15.90 Mixed Tandoori Plattera combination of tandoori chicken chicken tikka and seekh kebab PRICE 20.90 Royal Kabalason Platterchefs recommendation of prawn tandoori chicken seekh kebab and keema roll PRICE 22.90

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Chicken Dishes Chicken Tikka Masala medium or hot PRICE 19.90 Butter Chicken mild medium or hotchicken cooked half "tandoori way" and then finished as a curry in a thick tasty creamy sauce PRICE 19.90 Nerkunappattu Koli Kolambu hota popular South Indian curry prepareed with tomatoes onion and lots of spices and curry leaves PRICE 19.90 Murg Karai medium or hotan authentic dish chicken cooked in garlic and homemade spices PRICE 19.90 Chicken Badami Korma mild medium or hotyogurt based chicken curry with blened almond garnished with green chillies and cordon of fresh cream PRICE 19.90 Chicken Jhalfrazi medium or hotboneless chicken cooked with capsicum onion and tomato PRICE 19.90 Chicken Madrasi medium or hotspicy chicken curry with ginger zest and a touth of curry leaves PRICE 19.90 Murgh Do Piaza medium or hotfried chicken pieces cooked with tomatoes and onions to produce a flavoured sauce with a difference PRICE 19.90 Chicken Saagwala mild medium or hotchicken cooked in blended green leafy spinach PRICE 19.90 Chicken Vindaloo hot or very hota very popular dish from Goa a fiery preparation of chilly potatoes and vinegar PRICE 19.90 Chicken Chettinad medium or hotboneless chicken in a medium hot and sour sauce with curry leaves and mustard seeds PRICE 19.90 Lamb Dishes Lamb Rogan Josh medium or hotboneless lamb cooked in traditional medium hot sauce

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PRICE 19.90 Lamb Badami Korma mild medium or hota tempting boneless lamb with almond based curry PRICE 19.90 Lamb Saagwala mild medium or hotboneless lamb cooked with spinach and spices in a thick sauce PRICE 19.90 Lamb Madrasi medium or hotspicy curry with a ginger zest and touch of curry leaves PRICE 19.90 Lamb Vindaloo hot or very hota hot Goanese dish with boneless lamb cooked with chillies vinegar and cubes of potato PRICE 19.90 Lamb Dalcha medium or hotboneless lamb cooked with lentils and mustard seeds in a thick sauce PRICE 19.90 Raan Sikandri Masala medium or hotroasted to perfection boneless lamb marinated and cooked over a very slow fire PRICE 19.90 Lamb Pepper Fry medium or hotboneless lamb stir fired in a fine blend of herbs spices dried chillies and black pepper PRICE 19.90 Tomatar Ka Ghost medium or hota delicacy of intricately spiced lamb pieces cooked with tomato and onion PRICE 19.90 Beef Dishes Beef Bhunna Masala medium or hotbeef cooked with fresh vegetables and thick masala PRICE 19.90 Beef Kashmiri mild medium or hotdelicious beef mild cooked in kashmiri gravy PRICE 19.90 Beef Jhalfrazi medium or hotbeef cooked with tomatoes capsicum and sliced onions PRICE 19.90 Beef Vindaloo hot or very hota typical Goanese style dish cookedin vinegar and whole spice PRICE 19.90

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Beef Shai Korma mild medium or hotbeef cooked in thick creamy sauce with ground cashew nuts and mild spices PRICE 19.90 Beef Chettinad medium or hotbeef marinated in a combination of spices sauteed with curry leaves and dried chillibeef marinated in a combination of spices sauteed with curry leaves and dried chilli PRICE 19.90 Seafood Dishes Fish Methi mild medium or hotthick fish curry with spices and fenugreek leaves PRICE 23.90 Fish Maikalya medium or hotfillet of fish seasoned marinated in the chefs secret recipe and traditional thick medium hot sauce PRICE 23.90 Fish Vindaloo hot or very hota fiery preparation with vindaloo sauce PRICE 23.90 Goan Fish Currythe curry of the Konkan the cao curry like most Goan cooking is "chilli hot" PRICE 23.90 Pulitcha Keerai Kulakandaifish fillet simmered in a special sauce prepared with mustard seed onion and touched up with spinach this special is my mothers recipe PRICE 23.90 Prawn Broccoli medium or hotprawn curry cooked with broccoli in dry manner PRICE 23.90 Prawn Kashmiri mild medium or hottiger prawn cooked in thick mild sauce with ground cashew nuts PRICE 23.90 Prawn Jhalfrazi medium or hotprawns cooked with capsicum onions and tomatoes PRICE 23.90 Prawn Vindaloo hot or very hota hot Goan dish with delicious succulent prawns PRICE 23.90 Prawn Madrasi medium or hotking prawns marinated in South Indian curry prepared with tomatoes onion an lots of spices and curry leaves PRICE 23.90

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Prawn Varuval medium or hotking prawns marinated and sauteed with spices and dried chillies a South Indian delicacy PRICE 23.90 Vegetable Dishes Nawrattan Quarma mild medium or hota mughlai preparation of an assortment of different vegetables PRICE 17.90 Palak Paneer mild medium or hotspinach cooked with cheese and spices PRICE 17.90 Bombay Aloo medium or hotpotato sauteed in onion red chillies mustard seed curry leaves and black pepper PRICE 17.90 Zeera Aloo mild medium or hotBombay style potato cumin seed cooked in a combination of herbs and cream PRICE 17.90 Mushroom Mattar mild medium or hotfresh mushrooms coked in a mouth watering thick and creamy sauce PRICE 17.90 Malai Kofta mild medium or hotvegetable minced balls stuffed with cottage cheese dried fruit served in a thick creamy sauce PRICE 17.90 Channa Masala medium or hotchick pea cooked with delicious Indian spices PRICE 17.90 Dhal Tarka - Vegetable Disheslentils cooked with tomatoes and spices PRICE 17.90 Mixed Vegetable Curry medium or hotcombination of seasoned vegetables cooked in a thick sauce PRICE 17.90 Paneer Shasliktypical tikka of home made cottage cheese grilled with tomatoes and onions PRICE 17.90 Rice Dishes Plain Rice

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PRICE 5.90 Pilau Ricebasmati rice steam cooked with spices and herbs PRICE 7.90 Mushroom Ricedelicious mushrooms cooked with basmati rice with a dash of butter PRICE 14.90 Vegetable Biriyaniassortment of garden vegetables cooked in basmati rice PRICE 14.90 Kashmiri Pulaofluffy saffron rice with fruits and nuts PRICE 14.90 Kashmiri Pulaofluffy saffron rice with fruits and nuts PRICE 14.90 Chicken Biriyanisucculent pieces of chicken cooked in basmati rice PRICE 17.90 Hydrabhadi Lamb Biriyanian exotic dish from the princely house of hyderabad succulent pieces of lamb cooked with our special basmati ricean exotic dish from the princely house of hyderabad succulent pieces of lamb cooked with our special basmati rice PRICE 17.90 Prawn Biriyanitiger prawns cooked with basmati rice and spices PRICE 23.90 Breads Plain NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour PRICE 5.90 Butter Naannaan glazed with butter PRICE 6.90 Garlic Naannaan topped with finely chopped garlic and coriander leaves PRICE 7.90 Sesame Naannaan glazed with butter and topped with sesame seeds PRICE 7.90 Aloo Masala Naannaan bread stuffed with potato and spices

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PRICE 8.90 Kashmiri Naannaan stuffed with a variety of dried fruits and nuts PRICE 8.90 Paneer Kulchanaan stuffed with cottage cheese and fruits PRICE 10.90 Keema Naannaan stuffed with spiced minced lamb PRICE 10.90 Maharaja Naannaan stuffed with minced chicken and spices with onion and coriander leaves PRICE 10.90 Kasthuri Laksmanan special breadmade from refined wheat flour and stuffed with chicken egg nuts and spices topped with sesame seeds PRICE 12.90 Kabalason Speciality Kabalason Goat Pepper Currychefs special - available everyday PRICE 32.90 Murg Mussalam Akhbari 24 hour noticechicken stuffed with specially marinated minced mutton egg basmati rice and dried fruits PRICE 79.90 Raan Sikandri 24 hour noticeroasted to perfection whole mutton leg marinated and cooked on a slow fire PRICE 89.90 Dinner Specials Butter Chicken PRICE 14.90 Chicken Tikka Masala PRICE 14.90 Chicken Madras PRICE 14.90 Chicken Jalfrazi PRICE 14.90

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Chicken Korma PRICE 14.90 Chicken Vindaloo PRICE 14.90 Lamb Rogan Josh PRICE 14.90 Lamb Dhal Cha PRICE 14.90 Lamb Badami Korma PRICE 14.90 Beef Bhuna Masala PRICE 14.90 Beef Shai Korma PRICE 14.90 Beef Vindaloo PRICE 14.90 Naurattan Quarma PRICE 14.90 Mixed Vegetable Curry PRICE 14.90 Dhal Tarka - Dinner Specials PRICE 14.90 Nasi Goreng PRICE 14.90 Mee Goreng PRICE 14.90 Hydrabadhi Lamb Biryani PRICE 14.90

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Mughalai Murg Chicken Biryani PRICE 14.90 Tandoori Chicken Chips PRICE 14.90 Plain Dosai PRICE 19.90 Masala Dosai PRICE 19.90 Lamb Dosai PRICE 19.90 Chicken Dosai PRICE 19.90 Egg Dosai PRICE 19.90 Poori Aloo PRICE 19.90 Onion Utappam PRICE 19.90 Masala Uttappam PRICE 19.90 Batura PRICE 19.90 Set Thali Lunch Special Veg PRICE 22.90 Set Thali Lunch Special Meat PRICE 24.90 Side Dishes Condiments Papadum

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PRICE 4.90 Mango Chutney PRICE 4.90 Hot Chutney PRICE 4.90 Garden Salad PRICE 4.90 Tamarind Chutey PRICE 4.90 Mixed Vegetable Pickle PRICE 4.90 Raw Onion Salad PRICE 4.90 Kachumber Salad PRICE 4.90 Raita PRICE 4.90 Mint Raita PRICE 4.90 Assortment of Condimentsa combination of mango chutney kachumber salad raita mint raita and pickle PRICE 9.90 Basket of Chips PRICE 6.90 Chicken Nuggets Chips PRICE 9.90 Desserts Kulfi PRICE 3.90

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Mango Kulfi PRICE 3.90 Gulab Jamuns PRICE 3.90 Mysoor Pak PRICE 3.90 Boandi Ladoo PRICE 3.90 Plain Borfi PRICE 3.90 Pista Borfi PRICE 3.90 Patissa PRICE 3.90 Almond Borfi PRICE 3.90 Balushai PRICE 3.90 Kalakart PRICE 3.90 Kala Juman PRICE 3.90 Chapti PRICE 3.90 Jelebi PRICE 3.90 Peda PRICE 3.90

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Beverages All Soft Drink PRICE 3.90 Indian Drinks PRICE 5.90

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