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Order food delivery and Indian takeaway online from Desi's Paradise On Tray, 3058-Coburg Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or cash on delivery.


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Desis Paradise On Tray Offers and Discounts:  Order at Desis Paradise On Tray get 5 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now: https://www.ozfoodhunter.com.au/desi-s-paradise-on-tray  Get 15 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – http://bit.ly/2QKEFuv View Menu: Meal Deals Meal Deal 12 x Any Curry 1 x Rice or Plain Naan 2 PRICE 15.80 Entree - Vegetarian Aloo Tikki 2 pcsboiled mashed potatoes mixed with stuffed lentils then deep fried PRICE 4.90 Onion Bhajhis liced onion rings deep fried in chick pea butter PRICE 4.90

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Tandoori Mushroom 4 pcscooked in oven with Indian style PRICE 9.90 Chaat samosa aloo tikki papadi cholay served with spicy tamarin sauce yoghurt mint sauce PRICE 8.90 Vegetable Samosa 2 pcs Desis Speciality home made pastry stuffed with peas potatoes Indian spices PRICE 4.90 Entree - Non Vegetarian Meat Samosa 2 pcs Desis Speciality home made pastry stuffed with minced meat lamb PRICE 5.50 Seekh Kebab 4 pcsminced lamb marinated in herb yoghurt spices cooked in oven served with salad PRICE 9.90 Chicken 65boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt special Indian spices and deep fried served with salad PRICE 9.90 Chicken Tikka 4 pcsboneless chicken marinated in herb yoghurt spices roasted over oven served with salad PRICE 9.90 Tandoori Chicken PRICE Half 9.90 PRICE Full 15.90 Sizzlersizzling platter full of tandoori surprices PRICE 17.50

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For Seafood Lovers Goan Fish Curry fish cooked in coconut milk with spices PRICE 12.95 Prawn Masala prawns cooked with onions tomatoes green capsicum PRICE 12.95 Fish Vindaloo fish marinated in spices with vinegar cooked with hot vindaloo paste PRICE 12.95 Fish Masala fish cooked with ginger garlic paste onions PRICE 12.95 Prawn Curry PRICE 12.95 Prawn Malai prawns cooked with coconut milk cream PRICE 12.95 Prawn Vindaloo prawns cooked with touch of vinegar in a hot spicy sauce PRICE 12.95 For Chicken Lovers Chicken Do Pyaza boneless chicken cooked with spices onion sauce PRICE 9.90 Chicken Vindaloo boneless chicken cooked with hot spices PRICE 9.90 Chicken Daal boneless chicken cooked with lentils PRICE 9.90 Chicken Curryboneless chicken cooked with onions garlic ginger tomato with Indian spices

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PRICE 10.90 Chicken Spinach boneless chicken cooked with baby spinach onions cream PRICE 9.90 Butter Chicken boneless chicken cooked with makhani sauce PRICE 9.90 Pepper Chicken boneless chicken cooked with black pepper capsicum special Indian sauces spices PRICE 9.90 Chicken Kadahi boneless chicken cooked with tomatoes yoghurt capsicum touch of ginger garlic PRICE 9.90 Chicken Tikka Masala boneless chicken cooked in special sauce tomatoes capsicum PRICE 9.90 Chicken Jalfrezi boneless chicken cooked with special sauce capsicum PRICE 9.90 Chilli Chicken boneless chicken cooked in chillies onions capsicum PRICE 9.90 Chicken Shahi Korma boneless chicken cooked with nuts creamy sauce PRICE 11.90 Chicken Mumtaz boneless chicken cooked in fresh mango pulp cashews creamy sauce PRICE 11.90 For Lamb Lovers Lamb Rogan Joshlamb curry cooked in North Indian style

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PRICE 9.90 Lamb Madraslamb curry cooked with roasted mustard leaves coconut cream PRICE 9.90 Lamb Daallamb ccoked in lentils PRICE 9.90 Lamb Vindaloodiced lamb cooked with vindaloo sauce PRICE 9.90 Lamb Currydiced lamb curry PRICE 9.90 Lamb Bhunnalamb cooked with capsicum onion special sauce PRICE 9.90 Lamb Spinachlamb cooked with baby spinach cashews cream PRICE 9.90 Lamb Makhanilamb cooked in makhani sauce cashews cream PRICE 9.90 Lamb Pasandadiced lamb cooked with cashews cream special sauce PRICE 9.90 Lamb Shahi Kormadiced lamb cooked with nuts onions yoghurt PRICE 11.90 For Vegetarian Lovers Bombay Aloospicy potatoes cooked in Indian spices tomato sauce PRICE 8.90 Aloo Mutterpotato and peas curry PRICE 8.90

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Dum Aloopotatoes cooked in special Indian masala PRICE 8.90 Aloo Gobhipotatoes cooked in special Indian masala PRICE 8.90 Daal Makhaniblack lentils cooked in mild creamy sauce PRICE 8.90 Daal tadkachick peas and lentil curry PRICE 8.90 Chana Masala Chefs special PRICE 7.90 Cholay Bhatoraychick peas served with 2 bhatooras special fried naan PRICE 9.90 Pumpkin Masala Chefs special PRICE 10.90 Mushroom Salan Chefs special PRICE 10.90 Vegetable Makhanimixed vegetable in makhani sauce PRICE 8.90 Vegetable Vindaloomixed vegetable cooked with hot vindaloo sauce PRICE 8.90 Vegetable Jalfrazimixed vegetable cooked with tomatoes onions Indian spices PRICE 8.90 Garlic Mushroomcrushed garlic cooked in butter spices herbs

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PRICE 8.90 Naveratna Kormamixed vegetables cooked with crushed cashew onion sauce PRICE 9.90 Malai Koftadeep fried cheese potato balls stuffed with fruits and nuts crushed onion sauce coconut PRICE 11.90 Paneer Makhanipaneer cooked with makhani sauce PRICE 10.90 Palak Paneerfresh spinach cooked with cheese creamy sauce PRICE 10.90 Shahi Paneerpaneer cooked with nuts cream PRICE 11.90 Paneer Butter Masala Chefs special PRICE 11.90 Mushroom Mutter Paneer Chefs special PRICE 11.90 Bread/ Naan/ Roti Roti PRICE 2.00 Naanfine plain flour bread baked in tandoor PRICE 1.50 Garlic Naan PRICE 2.00 Kashmiri Naanplain flour bread stuffed with nuts

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PRICE 3.95 Butter Naan PRICE 2.50 Cheese Naan PRICE 3.95 Keema Naanbread stuffed with lamb mince PRICE 3.95 Parathaflaky bread PRICE 3.95 Aloo Parathaplain flour bread stuffed with spicy potatoes PRICE 3.95 Rice Rice PRICE 3.50 Coconut Rice PRICE 4.50 Vegetable Fried Rice PRICE 8.90 Fried Ricebasmati rice cookd with mixed vegeables spices PRICE 7.90 Fried Rice prawn PRICE 8.90 Biryanirice cookd with spices vegetables meat of your choice PRICE 9.90

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Hyderabadi Dum Biryani PRICE 10.90 Dips/ Salads Papad PRICE 4 pcs 1.00 Raita PRICE 3.95 Mint/ Mango/ Tamarind Chutney PRICE 1.95 Pickle PRICE 1.95 Garden Salad PRICE 3.95 Desserts/ Drinks Gulab Jamun 2pc PRICE 2.00 Kulfi PRICE 3.95 Lassi PRICE 4.00

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