Know the 5 Myths about automated testing


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Automated Testing used to validate the software but there are many myths available on it. Here Get the 5 Myths about automated testing.


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About Automated Testing Myths

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Introduction Automated testing has grown as an essential element of the software development process. There are some features about automated testing that have been confused. So here we will discuss some of the general myths about automated testing and show the fact behind it. 1 2 3 4 5 It’s Expensive Automate Everything Experience Isn’t require It is Easy It can found Real errors

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Automated Testing Is Expensive 1

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Automate All Tests 2

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Anyone Can Do IT 3 Automated scripts are software codes and tools that can’t do by everyone. Automated software testing needs a particular level of experience Also, you require to manage the modules and the elements and understand how to efficiently make usage of it. You do not require comprehensive testing knowledge as you require for scripting and running manual tests, but you require the essential knowledge to go for the automated tests. As writing test scripts is diverse than creating test cases

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Easy to Manage 4 In automated tests, the source code requires to be correctly managed daily. As requirements are changes with time, projects can’t run with the same software. Hence, the code has to be updated as per the project’s need.

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Not Every Error is True 5

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Conclusion Here we have discussed some myths about QA automated testing These will help the testers to work properly and make the accurate benefit of the automated testing software. References: Myths: 5 Common Misconceptions about Automated Testing

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