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A list of the best chrome browser extensions for more functionality to get more work resources for testers for testing. If you use any extension for manual testing that will help you to make it fast, you can write better bugs & include more exploratory ground. Here useful few chrome extension for testing like- FireShot, Wave, Ghostery for privacy for the website, etc. There are many guidelines that define a way to make our websites & web app more accessible to somebody with disabilities.


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Chrome Extensions For Manual Testing:

Chrome Extensions For Manual Testing 5


Introduction Google Chrome extensions can help you to increase your productivity. Here read the list of 5 essential chrome extensions for testing that will make your life easier and help to write better bugs & cover more exploratory ground. I will keep adding more to this list I recommended you to bookmark my PPT or comment your suggestions here.


Bugmagnet is a useful extension for testing. BugMagnet will benefit you configure Data validations and various input scenarios. BugMagnet is open-source and you can also customize the settings of it. BugMagnet Install Bug Magnet For Google Chrome

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Fire shot can take full web page screenshots in one click. You can capture web pages screenshots, edit & save them to PDF/JPEG/PGF etc. FireShot FireShot can capture web pages fully giving a high-quality result. It's also conceivable to capture a range or just an apparent section of the web page. Captured Image can be, Saved Shared in social medias like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr , etc. Copied to clipboard Printed E-mailed or Exported

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Wave stand for web accessibility evolution tool developed by WebAIM.org. It provides site-wide monitoring and reporting of accessibility over time. Also in the report, it outlines problematic error for screen readers and info supporting inclusion like labels & alt text. Wave All analysis is done entirely within the Chrome browser, allowing a secure value of the intranet, local, password protect & sensitive web pages.

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Ghostery Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension and its features are like – block ads, stop trackers & speed up websites. Ghostery has nearly 3 million installs and its most recognized as an ad blocker.

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Copy CSS Selector Copy CSS Selector can show up by clicking right-menu & clicking on Copy CSS Selector copy the CSS you can paste it by clicking on paste from right-menu. So , it is very useful for quickly getting selector for any element to test frameworks, see the image for more.

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Chrome extension choices are wide, but there are some add-ons that are really very helpful for browser-based Manual Software Testing . Chrome browser extension s are used for various applications in the chrome web store. Extensions that already take away tedious work are a real relief for testers to increase their efficiency & make easy to test on chrome. If you are using any other than these then you can share your extension list with us in comment section.

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