Save Time using In-sprint Testing with Automation Testing


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All about in-sprint Testing including its benefits, its implementation with DevOps, etc in a PowerPoint Presentation.


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Implementation of In-sprint Testing to Save Time in Automation Testing :

Implementation of In-sprint Testing to Save Time in Automation Testing

In-Sprint Test Automation Introduction :

In-Sprint Test Automation Introduction The In-sprint test is a part of testing type and to automated & develops use case in the same sprint. Many Customers have always been a goal to deliver high-quality software test. But achieving fully In– sprint automation needs at least idea of model-based testing methodology like- behavior driven, test driven development etc . In-sprint testing of the design and test procedure will benefit testers by fixing the key dilemmas generated by traditional testing, producing more ideal products and granting them a quicker time to sell.

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Challenges at Agile Environment Requirement Phase Selecting the Right Tools Script Development Phase Resource Management Communication Daily Scrum Meeting Release Phase

In-Sprint Test Automation Requirements:

In-Sprint Test Automation Requirements Now , it’s time to overcome the obstacles to perform testing at the rate of agile by using in-sprint test automation process. So now we can have application development and test automation in the same sprint in quick time with quality compiled into application or software . A sprint is a set period of time to complete a specific task to make it ready for review. Each sprint starts with a meeting in which, developers and testers will decide to what work will be done and analyzed the real requirements of the product owner.

Checklist In-sprint Test Automation & DevOps Implementation :

Checklist In-sprint Test Automation & DevOps Implementation Test automation framework support end-to-end testing The framework that supports web, window OS, mobile and database testing DevOps infrastructure setup with a better set of tools Reliable & scalable test match with your dynamic testing

In-Sprint Testing Agile and DevOps Speed :

In-Sprint Testing Agile and DevOps Speed Get Started. Requires Near Zero Initial Time and Cost No Programming. Automate 5X Faster using Simple English Scalable Test Lab on Cloud for Parallel Executions to Save Time & Cost Comprehensive, Dynamic and Customizable Reports Continuous Testing, CI/CD support for Agile and DevOps AI-Driven Maintenance and AI to Improve Productivity

Conclusion :

Conclusion The Question here in In-Sprint Testing is the same that "Will The Development of the Automation Scripts Not Take More Time than the Resulting Benefit?" So finding the appropriate tool for the automation testing team to use to reduce the time taken developing and performing several test cases from a function using load and regression, to acceptance testing.

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