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Read about the weakness of Software Engineers in India and what to do to overcome them and how to fit for a job in Software development Company.


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Why all Software Engineers are not fit for Software Development Jobs in India ?


Software development is one of the most highly regarded career option. According to recent surveys by Evans Data C orp, "Today, the U.S . leads the world in software developers, with about 3.6 million . India has about 2.75 mi llion. But by 2018 , India will have 5.2 million developers , a nearly 90% increase, versus 4.5 million in the U.S. , a 25% increase though that period. Even though this is amazing news, There is a conclusion that all Software Engineers from India are not fit for Software Development Job. Introduction


If you are a Software Engineer, and you want to know Why such and you really want to fit in you Job, then point down below suggestions: Continue..


Requirements of being a Software Engineer: Requirements


Key skills for becoming a proper Software Engineer : Key skills


The title software engineer is a broad concept. There are various responsibilities and skills requirements for various fields of software engineering. In a Software Development Company in India , There are jobs that require Career options Creation, Testing and evaluation, Business application, Design and artistry, Debugging, Network control systems, Operating systems, Databases, Middleware, and Computer games.


A software engineer should be very innovative and open minded. He/she should have the capacity to create something real from mere ideas that have real time implementations. Working with abstract and imaginary concepts and the ability to map out ways to bring them to reality is a very handy tool while working in this field. Required Experience


Every year in India, 1.5 million students graduate with a bachelor's degree in technology. Almost 300,000 of them opt for careers in software engineering. But sad thing is that, according to recent surveys, 95% of engineering graduates do not know how to code. From all Fresher, only 4.77 percent of them could properly write logic for a program which is he minimum requirement for every job in the field of software engineering. Why not All Engineers are fit? 4.77


Automata, which is a machine language built on basic logic principles, was posted by almost 36,000 students and more than 2/3rd of them could not write a code which actually compiled. Knowledge in various programming languages are required and only 1.4 percent of these students can write a fully functioning and efficient code. According to the CTO and Co-founder of aspiring minds, Varun Aggarwal , Continue.. Lack of programming skills is adversely impacting the IT and data science ecosystem in India. The world is moving towards introducing programming to three-year-old! India needs to catch up.


As we can see, the possibilities in this career path in India are numerous. There are a lot of options available and proper education is provided in many institutions. The only thing you should be concerned about is your learning graph. It is quite obvious that you will require the right kind of aggregates and degrees to start your career as a software engineer. However, on the other hand, a true software engineer is noted for his skills and contributions rather than his/her degree. Software development in India is rising at tremendous levels and the current government is encouraging and providing plenty of resources for the youth. Conclusion


Many new institutions and organizations are being built with top-notch faculty to help you out. So, The Time is now! This path bears enormous fruits if you know what you're doing. And get the highest paying Jobs in Offshore Software Development Companies. Conclusion Get Up, Learn Well and Be a Good Software Engineer!


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