9 Best practices to keep away from the Software Outsourcing Mistakes

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9 Best practices to keep away from the Software Outsourcing Mistakes www.nexsoftsys.com Prepared by:

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Software Outsourcing If you have decided to outsource your software and you are looking for a software company then you have to go through these 9 tips which will help you to avoid the mistakes in software outsourcing. To choose a software company for outsourcing is a big challenge because you are going to put the future of your company into their hands. You don’t know the team you hired and their strategy of working. So , beware of some risks that are involved in software outsourcing. These tips help to be away from such risks.

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8 Helping Points are: Decide what to outsource? Document of requirement Judge by interview Research on outsourcing company Be clear about Pricing Prepare a Contract Keep Records Reporting and M eeting

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Decide what to outsource? Make a list of project or work or activity you are providing and working. The best services or product or activity provided by you are managed by you only, don’t prefer to outsource them. Avoid outsourcing to the Activities directly affect to your clients and try to do it in company itself.

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Document of Requirement After decided the activity or project which you want to outsource, prepare a doc file of your objective . Write what you want in the software and how it’s going to work . Write the purpose and goal behind development of such software and also mentioned that who will be the user of it . Note its specifications and features and never forget to write anything .

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Judge by interview In most of case Software outsourcing company is located at a distance from your place so you have to communicate through phone calls. Arrange interview with Software Company and ask each and everything and judge them by their answer. Ask question on what you are going to outsource Give them a situation and ask that what they will do in such situation. Notice any negative point: negative attitude, rude in answering, refuse to sign a bond or other document etc.

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Research on outsourcing company Take some times and search for some best outsourcing company. Read feedbacks and reviews of them on their site and try to contact them. Ask software outsourcing company for their past partners for references. Try to know that the Employees of company are well-trained, knowledge and intelligent for the work your going to outsource Behavior and support of staff members and managers are affected to our project so know more about it. Get information about company’s environment and strategy of work.

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Be clear about Pricing Check the pricing structure of an outsourcing company and compare it with other company. Don’t judge a software company by their cost but judge by their skill, experience and quality. Try to get as per you pay. Be clear with any hidden charges. Ask that any legal document preparation or further help consider any cost or not.

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Prepare a Contract Prepare a bond for security from both sides. Write each and everything in contract about pricing, time period, services, other rights, roles, objectives, strategy etc. It works on 2 ways: first found prospect at the outset of the relationship and second serve as a proof to refer to from then on Choose a lawyer to Prepare it and do everything legally. Do a renewable type contract. Also consider that if you will not get the service or product you specify or not get it in time then you have rights to terminate the agreement.

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Keep Records Keep records of each and every discussion you have did with software outsourcing company. Request them to send you a mail on what you decided on the phone calls or you have to send a mail regarding the same and tell them to send a confirmation mail. Keep all records in mails even if it’s a small thing. It will help in avoiding misunderstanding and disputes .

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Reporting and Meeting Before choosing a software company for outsource, ask them about their strategy of works. Ask them that how they will report you and within how many days they can report you continually. Clear about the meetings on phone calls and set it on every week or within 2 weeks. Video calls or phone calls for meeting will be help to complete project on time and you will actually get the same which you want.

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Conclusion Go for Software Outsourcing if it’s needed but keep these points in mind always. Choose a company, search on it, ask for price and reports, prepare a bond, set meetings, set objectives, be clear about hidden charges, and keep records. Save your time, Money and energy by such tips.

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