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Selenium automated testing is one of the excellent open source software testing tools that is so flexible that it enables users to modify.


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Jessica Cyrus 20/04/2016 NexSoftSys Why Is Selenium Automated Testing The Best Selenium Automated Testing

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Any website application or website itself just like any software needs to be tested for its quality and performance right after its development and right before its release. This testing enables us to analyze whether or not the developed web application or the website itself is performing properly on various devices with individual screen sizes. This process can be really time-taking if technologically rich tools are not available. With the software arena evolving into unbelievable phase time and again every newly developed application after its preliminary development is put to testing and since testing has become one of the most critical parts of the development lifecycle companies are more keen on automated testing tools due to their instant result generation capacity. And another fact is that the automated testing methods are quite expensive. So as a lifesaver for those who are looking for open source automated testing tools a variety of them have matured a lot to deliver exquisite results. One such open source tool is the Selenium Automated Testing Tool.

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A Sneak Peek Into The Advantage Of Choosing Open Source Selenium automated testing is one of the excellent open source software testing tools that is so flexible that it enables users to modify extend and also share the available code which is not really possible elsewhere. With its exclusive features it actually helps programmers to completely bank on it for productivity and moreover it’s a real timesaver. With this programmers can manage and read codes like never before. Platform Conveyance Automated testing tools like the selenium automated testing tool are great to use as they are time-savers and moreover they are extremely quick in the testing job. However one challenge with such tools is that even if the programmer makes a minor change in the code it has to be tested which is a repetitive process. But one advantage of choosing the selenium automated testing tool is that it has the capability to run on multiple platforms or browsers at the same time and therefore it is thoroughly portable. So writing codes for various platforms is quite easy without having to worry about the tool’s functioning. Other excellent features of selenium testing tool are inclusive of the remote control mechanism where the testers can test software from any location including cloud. This tool also is compatible with multiple languages. Be it Java dot Net Python Perl or the Groovy integration with the development scenario is just so easy Thank You Jessica Cyrus

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