What Makes Laravel 2017's best Choice For Enterprise App Development?


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Laravel due to its popularity and features that support business application development makes the prominent choice among the PHP frameworks in 2017. It is an open source and freely available framework so you can hire Laravel developer for the development of eCommerce websites, enterprise applications and serves several other industries.


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What Makes Laravel 2017’s Best Choice For  Enterprise App Development  Undoubtedly PHP today is one of the leading and universally accepted programming                         languages that is used for the web application development powers more than the 20 million                               web domains. PHP is the finest suited programming language that accommodates the needs                           of small as well as large-scale enterprises.  Its large community assures the programming problems and issues get resolved in the                           minimum possible time. Furthermore for hassle free coding it also provides online forums                           informative blogs and expert views.  But with a plenty of frameworks available in PHP it is confusing to choose the right one for an                                       amazing enterprise web application. Since past few years we at Hire Laravel Developers are                             using this excellent PHP framework on a regular basis. Laravel is one such PHP framework that                                 thoroughly covers all the required features and functionalities of an enterprise app                         development.  You can also see the infographic ​What Makes Laravel 2017’s Best Choice For Enterprise App                               Development  | ​ PHP Frameworks

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Laravel is ready for use yet powerful offers tools needed for large-scale and robust web                               applications. A brilliant combination of integrity elegance and innovation that provide the                         tools you need to build any application to which you are assigned.    As in the above graph we see that Laravel holds a strong industry presence and has                                 significantly improved over time. Currently Laravel has 32.3k stars on GitHub till date.    | ​ Laravel – The Web Artisan’s Framework – Features      Authorization Techniques  Laravel makes use of simple authentication methods. Nearly all the things are exceptionally                           configured. The PHP Framework also implements an apparent way to secure authorization                         logic and control acquire the resources.

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Object Oriented Libraries  One of the biggest reasons that make Laravel the best PHP framework of 2017 is that it has                                     Object Oriented libraries with several pre-installed ones which are not available with any                           other PHP framework.  Among them one pre-installed library is the Authentication library. While it is easy to put into                                 use it has many advanced features too like checking active users Bcrypt hashing password                             reset CSRF protection and encryption.  Artisan  Laravel provides an inbuilt tool called Artisan. A Laravel developer usually has to interact with                               the framework using a CLI that generates and manages the Laravel project environment.  For that command line Laravel provides an inbuilt tool called Artisan. This tool enables us to                                 deliver the bulk of those repetitive and tiresome coding tasks that most of the developers                               avoid implementing manually.  MVC Support  Another reason that makes Laravel 2017’s best PHP framework is the MVC Architecture that it                               supports like Symfony securing transparency between the logic and presentation. MVC helps                         to enhance the performance enables better documentation and has several types of inbuilt                           functionalities. Below is how MVC works fpr Laravel.

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Security  During an app development everyone has to practice one or other ways to build a secure                                 application. Laravel within its framework takes care of the security. It accepts salted and                             hashed password which implies that the password never gets saved as the plain text in the                                 database. With the Bcrypt hashing algorithm it generates an encrypted form of a password.                             Laravel uses prepared SQL statements which impossibles the occurrence of injection attacks.                         Along with this Laravel presents an easy way to avoid user input to prevent user injection of                                   the tag. Security features offered by Laravel – Icons of features –  Blade Templating Engine  The Blade templating engine is very spontaneous and helps to work with the regular                             PHP/HTML spaghetti so much enhanced that it’s one of the finest features of this framework.  |  ​How to start with Laravel  The incredible features of Laravel as listed above are pretty enough to know that it is 2017’s                                   best PHP framework. Although you need to hire Laravel developers to begin your enterprise                             app development project. If you have a large-scale project in mind that requires attention                             from scratch then the dedicated team of developers is suits the best.  | ​ Conclusion  Be it the popularity of Laravel that has incredibly increased over past few years or the                                 excellent features that it offers developers choose it as the top framework. With a plenty of                                 support from the communities it is even more acceptable. Therefore ​hire Laravel developers                           and create your business web application the way you want.

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