Classification of Electrical Wire Cable


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The easiest method to comprehend electric cable is to connect it to the functioning of the nerves in our body. Simply like the way nerves empower various parts of your body to execute the action, electric wire cables empower various devices connected to an electric circuit. Wires are the lifeline of an electric circuit. A wire or maybe a cable delivers the electricity to the appliances once the circuit is switched on using a plug or switch.


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Classification of Electrical Wire Cable

Color Code of wires:

A wire cable is available in white, blue, red, black or green color. A blue, red or black colored cable would constitute the live wire. A white insulated wire is neutral, while a green wire is the earthing cable. Color Code of wires

Copper and Aluminum Wire:

Aluminum is the most commonly used material in electric wires but copper is a superior electrical conductor compared to aluminum. Copper and Aluminum Wire

Voltage & Current Capacity:

The current or voltage capacity of the wire is related to the gauge and material of the wire cable. Voltage & Current Capacity

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