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Australia ETA Visa Guideline:

Australia ETA Visa Guideline Australia ETA Website:

What is Australia ETA Visa?:

What is Australia ETA Visa? ETA means Electronic Travel Authority. ETA is the name given to the certain passport holders traveling to Australia for Tourism or business purpose to remain in Australia for less than 90 days (3 months). You must leave Australia before your ETA / eVisitor visa expires. There are some condition, If you do not meet this condition you may put yourself at risk of being detained and / or removed from Australia. However, if there is a situation that you can’t leave before 3 months you must apply for another visa before your 3 months stay period is over. Website:

What an Electronic Travel Authority(ETA) Visa lets you do? :

What an Electronic Travel Authority(ETA) Visa lets you do? This Visa only limited to tourism or business visitor activities. Australia ETA / eVisitor visa valid for 12 months. You can travel multiple times before expire. However, the maximum length of stay on each visit is three months. ETA / eVisitor visa doesn’t allow you to do any paid work in Australia. Must not study for more than three months Must be free from tuberculosis Must disclose if you have any criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced for. Website:

Eligible Passports holders who can apply for Australia ETA Visa?:

Eligible Passports holders who can apply for Australia ETA Visa? Andorra Denmark Ireland Monaco Slovakia Austria Estonia Italy Netherlands Slovenia Belgium Finland Japan Norway Spain Brunei Darussalam France Latvia Poland Sweden Bulgaria Germany Liechtenstein Portugal Switzerland Canada Greece Lithuania Republic of Korea Taiwan Croatia Hong Kong Luxembourg Romania United Kingdom Cyprus Hungary Malaysia San Marino United States Czech Republic Iceland Malta Singapore Vatican City Website:

Who could get this visa? :

Who could get this visa? You are a citizen of any eligible countries and hold a valid passport at the time of your application. If you intend to travel to Australia for tourism of business visitor purpose only. You should be free from tuberculosis at the season of travel and entry into Australia On the off chance that arriving on an ETA with criminal feelings, you could be denied to enter Australia. Finally, if you meet some pre-conditions at the time of your application. Finish the online ETA Australia visa application through the website with help of our visa experts. Enter travel data and details of passport for every applicant. After completion of payment process, the application process will be processed instantly and connected to the passport which you mentioned. The ETA application status will be sent via email in our business hours. Website:




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