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eVisitor visa Australia is a kind of visa that gives permission to the citizens of European Union countries to travel to Australia for a certain period of times. Therefore, eVisitor visa visa is subject to the nationality, purpose of the trip and lengths of stay in Australia. All countries under European Union are considered as eligible countries for eVisitor Visa by Electronic Travel Authority of Australia To apply for eVisitor visa Australia you must have a valid passport of any of the eligible countries, a valid email id and a valid Credit Card or a Debit Card. Non-citizen Passport and travel documents is not accepted as a replacement of passport. eVisitor visa is electronically linked to the passport and doesn’t need to be stamped or put a level on it. Therefore, the visa information is accessible to the travel agents, airlines and Australian Boarder Agencies. While travelling to Australia, it is imperative to bring the same passport that has been used at the time of eVisitor visa application.


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Australian visa requirements.:

Australian visa requirements. This page provides information on visa requirements for applicants from China and Mongolia. For more details, please refer to the Meeting Our Requirements under the Help and Support link on the Home Affairs Department website. Before submitting an application, the applicant should review any other specific requirements for the visa applied for.

Health requirements:

All Australian visa applicants must meet health requirements. As part of the visa review, the applicant may be required to undergo a medical examination. It depends on the applicant's personal circumstances, the type of visa application, the expected time of stay in Australia and where to submit the application. Health r equi r ements

Immigration department medical examiner:

Immigration department medical examiner Immigration department medical examiner If you are required to have a medical examination outside of Australia, you must arrange for a medical examination at the designated doctor's office in the Australian Embassy. The designated doctor is a doctor or radiologist designated by the Australian Government to conduct a medical examination of an Australian visa applicant outside Australia. To find the designated doctor information, please check the list of designated hospitals.

Health insurance:

Health insurance The applicant is responsible for the health care expenses incurred during his visit to Australia. We recommend that you purchase sufficient health or travel insurance every time you travel to Australia. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your personal circumstances, we may require you to provide sufficient health insurance proof before you approve your visa. If you need to provide proof of health insurance, we encourage you to upload a scanned copy of your health insurance when you submit your application.

Code of conduct:

Code of conduct All those wishing to travel to Australia should meet the relevant conduct requirements. To assist the Australian Government in determining whether you meet the requirements for conduct, the Australian Government may require you to provide proof of troops, no proof of crime or more personal information. If we ask you to provide a military certificate or a certificate of no crime, the list of materials for the relevant visa application will be explained or the visa officer will notify you..

Biometric information requirements:

Biometric information requirements Visa applicants (600 categories) who have only frequent flyer categories must provide biometric information at an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in China before submitting their application online. Applicants can make appointments for biometric information collection through our service partner VFS Global website. Australian Visa Application Centres generally do not provide biometric information collection services for other visa categories.


Entrusted immigration agent or visa agent . For information on using an immigration agent or helping to apply for a visa, please refer to the website of the Immigration Agent Registration Office (MARA). According to the 1988 Privacy Act, we can only disclose visa information to applicants, clients or agents. You can entrust an immigration agent or someone else to receive application information online in ImmiAccount. If you are not applying online, you can fill out Form 956 or Form 956A and place it in the application form. Please refer to: Form 956 Immigration Agent / Individual for Immigration Assistance Please refer to: Form 956A to entrust or revoke the principal

False materials in the application:

False materials in the application Applicants must provide complete and truthful information in the application. It is a serious illegal act to provide false information about the applicant or family member in a visa or Australian citizenship application. This includes providing false, false statements, or providing false information or false material. Even if someone else has applied for a visa, the applicant himself must ensure that all information in the application is true and complete.

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