Can't Sleep- Top 10 Solutions For What To Do Now

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Here are 10 solutions to help you break the cycle of sleepless nights so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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CANT SLEEP.. TOP 10 SOLUTIONS FOR WHAT TO DO NOW There is nothing as bad as going to bed but you can sleep. When you go to your sleeping area you do so with the hope of relaxing and being rejuvenated for the next day. However if this is not happening something is totally amiss and you should do something about it. Here are 10 solutions to help you break the cycle of sleepless nights so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Top 10 solutions if you can’t sleep well-

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Set the Right Mood in Your Sleep Place Your sleep environment will help determine whether you sleep well or are unable to do so. As such you should set the right mood in your sleep area by dimming the lights and eliminating distractions such as noise. You can have some soft music playing in your bedroom or turn on a white noise machine. Avoid having a television in your bedroom or installing very bright lights as these will always distract your sleep. This should be a routine for you so that your body can adjust with ease therefore making it possible for you to sleep peacefully. Regulate the Temperature Your sleeping area should neither be too hot or too cold. High temperatures will make you sweat thus making your sleep uncomfortable. On the other hand when the temperatures are cold you will be left shivering and unable to sleep comfortable. Advisedly you should maintain the temperatures at around 60 degrees F. This will be comfortable enough for the body and will help you stay comfortable all through.

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Relieve Your Mind of Stress Your mind takes in a lot of stress during the day and this can cost you a comfortable night when you want to sleep. However you can avoid this by making sure that your mind is relaxed before bedtime. You can do this by practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga or taking a slow warm shower. Avoid activities that will stir your mind into staying awake. Avoid watching brain-jarring movies or thrillers. Instead sooth your mind and let it unwind before bedtime. Come Up with A Sleep Schedule And Stick To It Your body responds to routines you create and maintain. If you eat at a certain hour every day for 21 days the body will demand that if you deny it on the 22rd day. This is the same case when it comes to sleep. You should come up with a sleep schedule and adhere to it regularly. With this done your body and mind will know when its bedtime and will respond very positively. Do this with your wake up time as well.

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Avoid Caffeine In The Evenings Drinks such as coffee can be tempting especially in the evenings when you want to keep warm. However due to the presence of caffeine such drinks will affect your sleeping cycle especially if you take an overdose. To help you sleep try and avoid them. Invest In the Right Beddings Your beddings are very important in creating the right sleeping environment. As such you should invest in quality bed sheets pillows and mattress. If your mattress is worn-out why not replace is with a new one if you can’t afford a new one a memory foam mattress topper will be ideal. This will not only help you sleep comfortably but will also save you from complications such as back ache and headaches.

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Keep Your Work Away From Your Sleeping Area Your sleeping area should be reserved for that and not your work. Avoid taking your laptops or computer to the bedroom as this will only trigger your mind to work and not sleep. When your mind is busy working calming it to sleep will be hard. As a solution keep off work in the bedroom. Avoid electronics in the bedroom Don’t take your electronics to bed. Televisions phones and tablets among other electronics normally emit blue light and this halts the production of melatonin a sleep hormone. To avoid this scenario avoid bright light especially by not using your gadgets. Avoid short naps in the evening Short naps can get into the way of relaxed sleep at night. To avoid dealing with interrupted sleep at night avoid taking short naps during the day as these will into your sleep account at night.

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AVOID HEAVY MEALS AT NIGHT Light meals are recommended at night. When your digestive system is overworked it will be hard for you to sleep. Eat only what is necessary and if possible do only with a snack or fruit salad. Avoid sugary foods and alcohol. If your nights have become sleepless and you feel the pressure already trying these tips will definitely work the magic. You need to sleep well in order to enjoy a healthy life. Get started and don’t give up.

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