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16 Australian Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips For Securing Investment Funding Funding is a crucial element to any startup with dreams to expand and grow, to get bigger and better. Attracting the interest of an investor and asking them put their trust — and money — into your creation is no easy task. With this in mind, Business Insider spoke to some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs to find out their secrets and advice to securing funding.


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16 Australian Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips For Securing Investment Funding “Bootstrap your business and prove product-market fit before raising money. The more revenue (not necessarily profit) you can bring in, the better your valuation and leverage when you’re out raising capital…. “In our experience, securing funding is a difficult task in Australia. It’s important that you find investors that you can connect with. Once you are able to develop a strong personal relationship with the investor, everything else becomes much easier.” James Wakefield, co-founder of InStitchu Mitchell Harper, co-founder of Bigcommerce

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Vicky Lay, COO of Zookal Gen George, founder and CEO of OneShift “1. Getting in front of the right person: Make sure you do your research. 2. Acing the first meeting: First, make sure you’re completely prepared 3. Choosing the right investor: Make sure that both your goals about where you want the company to go are aligned from the start… ” My advice: “Don’t ever let a few little (sometimes not so little) hurdles get in the way of your business success!”

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So MOST IMPORTANT – have a good product and a good business model, and the rest is a lot easier. Also important – the further along with your product, the more time in market, the more runs on the board, more customers and more revenue you have – essentially the further progressed from simply an idea you are – the easier it’s going to be for investors to SEE and UNDERSTAND your business. For more tips, read full article here: Visit our site: Andre Eikemeier, CEO of Vinomofo

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