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Hopperstock - Basement Available For Rent in Cleveland OH A basement is also part of a house that are either partially below the ground floor. it is extra space in your house. With a few home improvements rent your basement for storage and get extra money in Cleveland OH. You can be used your basement for commercial purposes storage parking more. basement storage Here is how its done. If you have a Basement you are in luck. First you will have to check with your local Building Department to see if your home will qualify. Next call to get a quote to transform your basement into an apartment. This is where you benefit. For storage:  Ensure the basement space is dry and well-ventilated  Use water-resistant materials for creating cabinets shelves or counters where your storage items can be placed

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 Access into and out of the basement must be easy and you need to ensure you follow local building guidelines before you do a complete overhaul and remodeling of the basement As a living space home office or entertainment area:  Take the help of professionals to draw up suitable plans for remodeling the basement as you wish  Take a look at the applicable building and construction laws in your area get the necessary approvals in place before you begin construction  Ventilation is very important if you plan on using the basement as a living space or home office  Ensure doors and windows are included in the layout adding value aesthetically as well as providing the much needed free circulation of air

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