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Queer communiqués:

Queer communiqués Operation splash back and the challenge to speciesism Michael Loadenthal Georgetown University & George Mason University

Bash Back!ers In Support of Autonomous Animal Action Call for Trans-Species Solidarity With Tilikum :

Bash Back!ers In Support of Autonomous Animal Action Call for Trans-Species Solidarity With Tilikum An autonomous cell of Bash Back! is calling for solidarity with sea criminal Tillikum , the orca responsible for killing a trainer at Sea World Orlando at the end of February. We consider the attack on Dawn Brancheau to be an act of social war, as Tillikum gave new breadth to the waves he monotonously created through his awe-inspiring splashes. Tillikum destroyed what destroyed him by transforming his commodified body into an organ of the war-machine; thus, enacting an orcan -strike. For too long he had been confined as a spectacle for the American populus to consume. The affect of his bodily revolt has aided in helping us all realize the potentiality of reifying our underlying desires. Members of the American Family Association have come out in favor of stoning Tillikum to death for this strike against systems of domination. In response, the nonhuman political prisoners at Sea World Orlando have organized the first chapter of Splash Back!, an insurrectionary tendency of sea animals dedicated to destroying all forms of oppression. Bash Back! must be allies in the struggle for animal liberation, as well as against the religious right which has sought to criminalize the bodies of queers and orcas for so long. We are calling for solidarity actions with Tillikum across the country to support animal autonomy and resistance. Orcas have been criminalized for too long; the time for sea animal liberation is now. Solidarity with all Trainer Killers !

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