Chapter 17 Session Management

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Session management in Hope Focused Couple Counseling. How to divide the session into parts that work


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Chapter 17: Session Management (RILY):

Chapter 17: Session Management (RILY) Review the week and overall progress. Assess the utility of the past homework. Intervention to target the goals of treatment (with a strategy here, not guesswork) Lack of Fit. Tailor the intervention to the couple to take it home Plan. Plan for use of intervention or principles from intervention this week (homework). Chapter 17


Review Oh wait, the Detour They come in the office with some kind of juicy, crazy, out of control situation. Do you deal with that detour or stay on track? Is it a legitimate crisis? What would that look like? Give them control. If they detour, then treatment will last longer. Show them a calendar and treatment plan.


Review If you don’t review the homework then it wasn’t important. Homework is more important than the session! They won’t do HW, a lot, we know. Their reluctance and resistance to homework could be the best kind of learning: Poor understanding of content of homework Discouraged, low energy into relationship They didn’t feel ownership of the HW, or perhaps don’t feel ownership of the relationship problems in general Other reasons?


Intervention Introduce the intervention idea Contextualize the intervention to the couples’ situation Implement the intervention Reflect on it with the couple How was that for you? What about it is helpful? Difficult? Stretches you?

Lack of Fit?:

Lack of Fit? What a couples counselor has to offer is the ability to tailor principles to the couple in front of them. Keep at it until things start to fit for the couple. This “fit” work is a collaboration with the counselor and the couple together. Everyone is responsible for it.

Your plan:

Your plan Can the couple create their own homework from the intervention? Given them a reminder card or worksheet to remember to do it Help them determine when during their weekly onslaught of responsibilities they will do their homework. If your context allows it, consider a mid-week phone or online check-in especially for couples that struggle with doing homework

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