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A 20 minute introductory lecture for the book Couple Therapy: A New Hope-Focused Approach by Ripley and Worthington. Narrated by Dr. Ripley


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Couples Therapy: A New Hope Focused Approach:

Couples Therapy: A New Hope Focused Approach

Chapter 1: Wanted: A Wise and Humble Counselor:

Chapter 1: Wanted: A Wise and Humble Counselor Wise Humble Able to face the typical high failure rates of couples work? Able to deal with the couples “crazy” alliance? A simple but effective plan Chapter 1

The Inspiration:

The Inspiration Relationships improve by Faith Working through Love (Galatians 5:6; NKJV) Faith work love

Faith working through love:

Faith working through love Paul in Galatians The Galatians lived in a secular society Many ideas of what made for a good life Paul told them to value the highest thing Faith working through love This is the path to freedom

Why are they here?:

Why are they here? Can’t stand the loss of the other Attachment theory (Shaver & Mikulincer, 2010) Secure: confident in self and other. We are both dependable and will respond when needed. Autonomy and dependency are good. Anxious: Worry the partner won’t be there for them, easily upset, needy. Avoid autonomy. Avoidant: Do not need others “I am a rock, I am an island” Avoid dependency.

Attachment research update:

Attachment research update Attachment is throughout life Cultural and contextual factors are very important Discussion: What cultural factors might encourage autonomy vs. dependency? Gender factors? Disability? Age? Religion? Biological Basis of attachment (Social Baseline Theory, Coan, 2008)

So how do they fix it?:

So how do they fix it? Well- experts disagree

Goal #1: Warmth:

Goal #1: Warmth But what they need is less fear of the warm bond that connects them, less conflict surrounding their bond, and more of a sense of peace.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Justice: Fairness, Equity, Honesty Fortitude: Courage, endurance, bravery, grit Temperance: Self-control, willpower, self-discipline Prudence: Common sense, judgment, wisdom Virtue


Health Clear and direct communication Given proper energy Attended to


Happiness The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved—loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables Hope for happiness will motivate them to be virtuous

Four goals:

Four goals Earth ly Happiness Health like Water Warm like Fire The Wind of Virtue

What’s my role?:

What’s my role? Bruce Willis To have your own 4 elements of virtue. To design, simple, effective, spiritually competent interventions for couple requires your own virtue to love, faith and work.

What’s Ahead:

What’s Ahead HOPE: Handling Our Problems Effectively- skills and behaviors BOND: Bind Our Nurturing Devotion- warm bond HURT: Handling Unacceptable Relationship Tears FREE: Forgiving and Reconciling through Experiencing Empathy TRUST: Trusting Response United with Shared Trustworthiness

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