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Narration of the five steps of forgiveness using the REACH Model to help you and your partner increase empathy and commit to forgiveness


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REACH Model of Forgiveness:

REACH Model of Forgiveness

Benefits of Forgiveness:

Benefits of Forgiveness Reconciling inevitable hurts Reduce anger and resentment Rebuilding trust and hope Reduce marital conflict Strengthening commitment Coping with stress


R Recall the hurt Reflect on the offense Do your feelings intensify upon recollection? Rate level of intensity : Low intensity 1 ---- 2 ---- 3 ---- 4 ---- 5 ---- 6 ---- 7 ---- 8 ---- 9 ---- 10 highest intensity Be Objective. Imagine yourself as a news reporter reporting an event on TV.


E Empathy for the transgressor Imagine the event through the eyes of the offending person (imagine his/her motives, thoughts, and feelings at the time) Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~ Plato


A Altruistic gift of forgiveness (reflect on times you have hurt others and received forgiveness) Think about a time when you hurt somebody and received forgiveness from them What did that feel like? How did you feel toward them after receiving forgiveness?


C Commit to the emotional forgiveness Share this commitment with a family member or small group Write a letter about your commitment to forgive


H Hold onto emotional forgiveness (it’s normal to have doubts from time to time, but hold onto the forgiveness anyway)

Self-help tips:

Self-help tips Confession Recognize the hurt Acknowledge responsibility Admit wrong actions Express desire to change actions Humility Desiring change

Empirical Evidence:

Empirical Evidence O ver 20 empirical studies have found REACH to be effective for individuals, couples, and families seeking reconciliation and forgiveness.

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