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Task 2 example video for students studying ICT in the classroom


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Integrating ICT in the History classroom: Trends & Issues Report:

Integrating ICT in the History classroom: Trends & Issues Report Jenni Parker This work by Murdoch University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License . Created 2012 by Jenni Parker , School of Education


Introduction Research – 4 resources explaining how technology has been used in the history classroom to support student learning What the report is about Why it is important

Article resource:

Article resource Article - Enhancing the teaching and learning of history and greography through information and communication technology: A Mauritian experience written by Naik & Teelock docview /218018657

Website resource:

Website resource Website - Not just a name on the wall created by Peter Morrissey

Video Resource:

Video Resource Video - We didn't start the fire created by Mrallsop

Audio podcast resource:

Audio podcast resource Audio podcast - Teaching Australian history presented by Jonathan Green

Technology Trends:

Technology Trends Summary of technologies identified in your four resources

Impact for teaching & learning:

Impact for teaching & learning Advantages Disadvantages


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