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2012 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in K-12 classrooms Presented by: Jennifer Petrosino

Bee on the Look Out For…:

Bee on the Look Out For… Within the next 12 months: Tablet computing Mobile devices & apps In the next two-three years: Game-based learning Personal Learning Environments In four-five years from now: Augmented reality (AR) Natural user interfaces

Within the Next Year…:

Within the Next Year…

Mobile Devices and Apps::

Mobile Devices and Apps: Main way of communication for youth More students own smartphones at increasingly younger ages Mobile apps are cheap and sometimes free Smartphones are a home for personal learning collections of tools and resources

Why Apps for Students?:

Why Apps for Students? Annotation tools Creation and composition Social networking GPS and location Digital capture and editing Studying

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tablet Computing Portable– light weight and slim Full range of mobile apps Video players Easy e-mail, fast web browsers Photo viewers, sometimes built-in cameras Digital Readers Books Magazines Newspapers Larger screens than phones Gesture based interfaces, usually no keyboard

PowerPoint Presentation:

Why Tablets in the Classroom? Device encourages exploration Advanced screen technology makes for easy to use, engaging experiences Ideal for one-on-one use Supports and enhances: Inquiry-based learning Challenge-based learning Other forms of active learning Promotes 21 st century skills: Creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration

Within the Next 2-3 years…:

Within the Next 2-3 years…

Game-Based Learning:

Game-Based Learning 2-3 years later… We still need more access to technology in classrooms. Need more devotion from educators

It’s Not All Fun and Games!:

It’s Not All Fun and Games! Ideal method for assessing student comprehension Students are motivated to do better, ultimately succeeding Safe place to learn, free from failure Experiment and take risks because there are no consequences Serious Games Movement works to unite educational content Layers social issues/problems in gameplay

Personal Learning Environments:

Personal Learning Environments Designed around each user’s goals Students determine style and pace Personalized environment and experience for the individual Made simpler with apps and smartphones

4-5 Years Down the Line…:

4-5 Years Down the Line…

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality Blending what we see in the real world with related data, info and media Layers info over 3D space Unlimited new uses AR tech and mobile capabilities are increasing Google’s Project Glass layers content into wearers’ vision More companies have begun to step up AR in schools once technology matures and becomes more simplified Can be used for visual and interactive forms of learning

Natural User Interfaces:

Natural User Interfaces Many devices have begun to use natural movements and gestures Taps, swipes, other forms of touching Shaking, rotating, titling devices Increasing amount of systems that are understanding gestures. Opens up key barriers between users and machines Enables collaboration, sharing, and group interactions

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