Strategies Steps 9 and 10

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Strategies for success:

Steps 9 & 10 *** Skopecek 2013 Strategies for success

Welcome to week 8!:

How was your week/weekend? Collect Homework Warm up video: Commencement address: This is Water. Check in with website/Preview remaining weeks! Questions so far? Welcome to week 8!

Step 9: Moving Up & Out!:

Memories seem to be flooded with emotion, both positive and negative. Emotion seems to play a significant role in how these memories impact our future and our decisions. Think of a memory that occurred to you before the age of ten. You don’t have to share the memory, but tell us why that memory surfaced. Was it filled with emotion? Was the emotion positive or negative? What role do you think emotion plays in memory? Step 9: Moving Up & Out!

The stronger the emotion we attach to our visuals, the more powerful the imprinted goal.:

This step focuses on goals. Page 67 in your workbook shows the What ifs and the Objectives that will be covered. “We move toward what we think about. Our present thoughts determine our future.” Agree or Disagree? Why? Video and Reflection Time. Step 9. The stronger the emotion we attach to our visuals, the more powerful the imprinted goal.

Step 9 activities:

Pendulum Swing Folded Paper Balance Wheel turn to page 84 & 85 Imagination Step 9 activities

Step 10: ready to create my future:

AFFIRMATION WORKSHOP!! Page 75 in your workbook gets us started with your What ifs and Objectives. “Throw yourself out of order, and unleash the power of your own mind to create new order.” Video and Reflection Time Step 10: ready to create my future

Affirmation workshop:

First, turn to page 77 and complete “The Future Starts Here” activity. Go over affirmation checklist on page 87 ( Jenn has details on page LP-110) *pass out extra big wheel pages* LP-115: Explain the transition from big wheel to little wheel. Group up with people you don’t normally work with in groups! Turn to page 88 and think about some Other People’s Problems for a minute….you down with OPP? =) Use pages 92-94 for words to help you! Affirmation workshop

Affirmation workshop:

Now take some time to write some affirmations for yourself. P91 Jenn page LP-125 Remember those tiny books I gave you towards the beginning of the quarter? Transfer your affirmations to those cards. You can be colorful and use the pens/markers/stickers. (I would!) Affirmation workshop

Putting it all to use!:

Now I’m going to challenge you a bit. Divide into 2 groups (because we have 2 iPads !) You’re going to record each other sharing at least 3 affirmations. I’ve recorded a sample! I’ll be able to edit all of these together and make a neat class video. Putting it all to use!

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