Strategies for Success Steps 7 and 8

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Strategies for Success:

Strategies for Success Jennifer Skopecek 2013 Week #7

Let’s Catch Up!:

Let’s Catch Up! How has your week been? Homework~ Turn in and Share Cards Any further reflections on your DiSC results? Any weekend stories to share?

Chain Reaction Activity!:

Chain Reaction Activity! Use the strips of paper to write: Positive things about YOURSELF Positive things about your classmates Positive things about your school Your Goals Ways that you can overcome obstacles Any life quotes? Verses? Sayings? Motivation to succeed Let’s see if we can fill up the room!

Step 7: I’m Worth It! :

Step 7: I’m Worth It! Page 51 in your workbook What are some of the ways that you work to raise the self-esteem in your kids? Friends? Family? Is this important to you? Objectives relate to self-esteem and self-image. “You draw to yourself the life that you believe you are worthy of receiving.”  agree?

Video & Reflection Time!:

Video & Reflection Time! Watch the video and record notes on pages 57-58. Page 52 has your reflection questions. Do Name Activity! You can use colored papers & markers for this.

Activities ~ Page 53:

Activities ~ Page 53 5 Things- take this seriously! Why do you like these things/traits? Complete My Lifeline Chart. Take a few minutes to think of this alone and then partner up and discuss ideas with them! It might trigger a memory! Playdough Activity! Heck Yeah! =)

Internet Activity:

Internet Activity Go to the computers! Search for quotes, sayings, verses, motivational words, images…anything that relates to self-esteem, positivity, encouragement, being ourselves, loving ourselves, etc. Create a Poster or Posters using Word or Power Point and print!

Step 8: Stretching My Comfort Zones:

Step 8: Stretching My Comfort Zones Ok, you all have 5 minutes to prepare a speech and present it to the class! Go! Just kidding…. But that would definitely stretch those comfort zones! What if you could easily adapt to these situations? How and Why do you seek familiarity? Where does stress come from? Can you change your comfort zones?

“Human beings naturally seek the familiar.”:

“Human beings naturally seek the familiar.” Video & Reflection Time! Notes on pages 63-66. Reflection page is 60. When was the last time you were stressed?


Interview Turn to page 61 in your workbook and find a classmate that doesn’t not sit at your table with you. Read and discuss the interview exercise together. Do you agree or disagree on any of the points? How much is common sense vs. personality?

“I Am” Poem Activity:

“I Am” Poem Activity You can type these on the computer, add colors, images, whatever you like to make them your own. Email them to me and I can print them in color for you!

Looking Ahead….:

Looking Ahead…. FINAL~ Identity Project Week 8 ~ Steps 9 & 10. Week 9 ~ No School. Week 10 ~ Steps 11 & 12. Week 11 ~ Final: Share Identity Projects

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