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problem There are 73,000 cases of melanoma each year in the United States alone. An estimated 9,900 people will die in 2015 due to melanoma . According to a survey of 1,000 adults by the Consumer Reports National Research C enter , 31% of Americans reported not using sunscreen. A lot of people do not use sunscreen because of the hassle of putting it on and remembering to put it on.


solution An in-shower sunscreen! It will help protect our skin better and cut out an extra step of our daily routines. It will be applied in the shower as a face wash, body wash and shampoo. It will sit on the skin for 3-5 minutes a nd after that you can rinse and it will stick to your skin for the rest of the day. It will have the best SPF possible to protect skin against the worst rays.

Business model:

Business model The sunscreen business is an $8.5 billion industry and it is expected to grow at a rate of 4.6 percent between 2012 and 2017 according to market researcher IBISWorld. My plan is to sell the in-shower sunscreen online and in retail locations like Target and Walmart and also in hotels, and water parks. I plan to market the in-shower sunscreen to everyone, since everyone is affected by the sun’s rays. I plan to grow to become a multi-billion dollar company and the only in-shower sunscreen on the market.

What makes In-shower sunscreen special:

What makes In-shower sunscreen special It is a very unique product and there is nothing like it on the market. It saves people time, money, and doctors visits. They will be protected better against skin cancer.

Marketing and sales plan:

Marketing and sales plan To get my product’s name out there I will partner with magazines and retail stores to include small sample packets of my in-shower sunscreen. I will utilize social media to grow my customer base. In-shower sunscreen will be available to the public through my online website, retail locations throughout the world, and Amazon. I plan to sell one 12 fluid ounce bottle of in-shower sunscreen for $9.95 and one 8 fluid ounce bottle for $6.95.


competition My biggest competition will be regular sunscreen companies like Banana Boat, Coppertone, and Neutrogena. However, none of those companies produce and sell an in-shower sunscreen.


team I will have a team of developers, social media experts, and sales specialists. Everyone will work together to create the in-shower sunscreen and market it to target people everywhere. In order to start production, I will need investors to help me.

Projections and milestones:

Projections and milestones I am projected to sell two million units within the first year and make a profit of around 20 million dollars. The next year my sales are projected to hit around 50 million dollars. In 5 years my sales will be over one billion.

Status and timeline:

Status and timeline Right now there are only prototypes of my in-shower sunscreen. Once I get an investor we can start production and start marketing it to the public. I want to be up and selling in retail locations within 3 months after starting production. I will almost immediately start selling online after we start production.

Summary and call to action:

Summary and call to action An in-shower sunscreen can save a lot of lives. Putting on sunscreen will now be easier than ever. All I need is an investor to help me jumpstart this business. Wouldn’t you like to see less people die from skin cancer each year? Help me protect you and your family and friends.

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