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The Future of Technolgy::

The Future of Technolgy: A look at the 2030-2031 school year By: Jayna Cooper, Jane Hudspeth, Kevin Schmidt and Jennifer Watson For: EME 6317 - Dr. Willoughby


Hello! My name is Chelsea Johnson, and I am a teacher at Ridgeview High School. I am so excited about the start of the 2030-2031 school year, and I wanted to share with you a little bit of what I have planned for my students this year.

Things are SO different from the way they were when I started teaching 15 years ago...:

Things are SO different from the way they were when I started teaching 15 years ago...

New Technology:

New Technology www.worldclass.com

Thank goodness for technology plans!:

Thank goodness for technology plans! Annual meetings Everyone involved Student learning is essential Funding

Tech Standards:

Tech Standards Model digital age work and learning Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

Best Practices:

Best Practices Flipped Classrooms Virtual Field trips Skill-level Classes Vod Casts 3-D Printers Augumented Reality Eyewear Holographs Biometrics Reactive Furniture

Instructional Design:

Instructional Design Five characteristics of meaningful learning environments (Florida Center for Instructional Technology, 2011): Active Collaborative Constructive Authentic Goal-directed

Instructional Design: ADDIE Model:

Instructional Design: ADDIE Model Learning objectives and content standards Technology Standards Collaboration Feedback

Ethics & Equity:

ETHICS Driving Question: Is the pace of technological innovation in education benefiting students or not? (Havice & Hill, 2007) Technology should be used to improve the overall quality of education Follow state standards and district guidelines Follow and provide Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) Respect and protect Intellectual property EQUITY Driving Question: Is access to technology empowering some students while choking others? (Havice & Hill, 2007) Provide equal opportunities to all students Find creative ways to minimize differences in access at home Participate in staff development activities and collaborate Ethics & Equity

Professional Development:

Professional Development Key to student engagement Coaches will be well versed Teachers will have instant access to support Student-led professional development


Conclusion I just know this school year is going to be awesome! Thanks for letting me take a stroll down memory lane with you. Now that I’ve thought more about how my first year of teaching was different from my 15th year, I can’t help but wonder what my 30th year will be like…. Anyway, happy new school year to you! May technology be ever in your favor!


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