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Paid Postage : 

Paid Postage Responding Back to the Makers of Negative Beauty Presented by: Jennifer Border

Activism Project:Step 1 : 

Activism Project:Step 1 Find stores that sold magazines Books-A-Million Barnes and Noble Kroger Pick up magazines that have pictures of women on the cover Vogue Seventeen Lucky Maxim Cosmo Etc.

Step 2 : 

Step 2 Flip through the magazines and let the paid postage subscription cards fall out

Step 3 : 

Step 3 Collect as many subscription cards as possible without looking suspicious

Step 4 : 

Step 4 Take subscription cards home and write messages to the magazine companies on them Some of the messages we wrote were: “Feed your models” “Use real people” “Your fake images cause eating disorders”

Step 5 : 

Step 5 Go to the post office and mail the paid postage subscription cards back to the magazine companies

Purpose : 

Purpose Magazines are very influential Producers of magazines use fake images to create pictures Pictures as guidelines Get our voice out

Role : 

Role Met everyone at the store Took subscription cards Wrote messages on them Gave them to the group to mail

Likes/Dislikes : 

Likes/Dislikes Likes Influence Easy Dislikes Not enough

Same/Different : 

Same/Different SAME Get people together Follow steps DIFFERENT Collect more Focus on one magazine company at a time

Thank you for listening! : 

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed my presentation

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