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EDCI280 Final Project


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Developing Perspectives Final Project:

Developing Perspectives Final Project Jenna Michel EDCI280 sec. 0102



Field Experience:

Field Experience

Perspectives on Teachers:

Perspectives on Teachers Teachers are for guidance – they need to care about students

Perspectives on Teaching Profession:

Perspectives on Teaching Profession Teaching requires hard work and commitment. The profession goes beyond just the classroom. Teachers encounter many challenges in their jobs.

Perspectives on Students:

Perspectives on Students Each student comes to school with a different experience and has different needs in the classroom.

Perspectives on Students:

Perspectives on Students Students with behavior problems care about school and deserve respect from the teacher.

Perspectives on Testing:

Perspectives on Testing State test preparation can distract from deep classroom learning. Testing as a form of accountability is impractical and can be harmful to the education system.

Perspectives on Schools:

Perspectives on Schools The classroom and school environment are important for creating a productive education system.

Education Overall:

Education Overall Education includes a relationship between teachers, students, parents, administration, curriculum, politics, technology, knowledge and the world.



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