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Want to do online flight instructor course or CFI training than visit at and get professional training.


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CFI Training:

CFI Training Want to do online flight instructor course or CFI Training than visit at and get professional training.

  Flight Instructor Courses   :

Flight and Ground or 100% Online Ground Course    Flight Instructor Courses    Start Now Job placements Flight and Ground

Whats We Included:

Whats We Included 7 Day on Campus or Online class Tuition Our Custom CFI Workbook (It's so Important to Have this!) Lesson Plans for Private and Commercial Maneuvers All training materials while on Campus OPTION #1 - GROUND SCHOOL COUSE ONLY : OPTION #2 - FLIGHT AND GROUND SCHOOL COURSE Everything in OPTION #1 PLUS.... 15 hours of airplane rental in a Piper Arrow II 30 hours of one to one flight/ground Instruction Up to 1.5 hours Airplane Rental for the Checkride

Meet Our Team of Instructors :

Meet  Our Team of Instructors   We use a team of four instructors to get you through the training.  The Classroom and all academics are taught by a former Designated Pilot Examiner and Aviation Author.  His courseware is used by major Aviation Universities and Academies in the US.   Flight training is conducted by hand selected Flight Instructors trained by the company founder.  This approach ensures you will have a solid academic background to pass the oral and begin teaching right after the class.  You will be employable and be able to teach all of the Private and Commercial pilot program lessons with no additional training . Using several instructors for flight training allow flexibility in scheduling and also offers different perspectives on how to teach based upon different learning and teaching styles.


Address: 1903 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA Phone No: 650-600-1021 E-Mail: Click the image to see a preview of the workbook

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