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http://www.examcollectionvce.com/vce-350-018.html Which of the following statements are true regarding hashing Choose two A. Changing 1 bit of the input SHA-1 changes 1 bit of the output. B. SHA-1 is stronger than MD5 because it can be used with a key to prevent modification. C. MD5 produces a 160-bit result. D. MD5 takes more CPU cycles to compute than SHA-1. E. SHA-256 is an extension to SHA-1 with a longer output. Which four of these attacks or wireless tools can the standard IDS signatures on a wireless LAN controller detect Choose four. A. long HTTP request B. SYN flood C. Deauthorization flood D. NetStumbler E. Wellenreiter F. Association flood G. AirSnort H. Fragment Overlap attack QUESTION 1: QUESTION 2: Answer: B E Answer: C DE G

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http://www.examcollectionvce.com/vce-350-018.html What Cisco IOS feature prevents an attacker from filling up the MTU cache for locally generated traffic when using path MTU discovery A. Use NetFlow information to export data to a workstation. B. Force all traffic to send 1280-byte Packets by hard coding the MSS. C. Enable flow-label marking to track packet destination. D. Enable flow-label switching to track IPv6 packets in the MPLS cloud. E. Always use packets of 1500-byte size or larger What technology can you implement on your network to allow Independent applications to work with IPv6-capable applications A. DS-Lite B. NAT-PT C. ISATAP D. NAT 6to4 E. NAT64 Which three of these statements about a zone-based policy firewall are correct Choose three. A. An interface can be assigned to only one security zone. B. By default all traffic to and from an interface that belongs to a security zone is dropped unless explicitly allowed in the zone-pair policy. C. Firewall policies such as the pass inspect and drop actions can only be applied between two zones. QUESTION 3: QUESTION 4: QUESTION 5: Answer: C Answer: E

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http://www.examcollectionvce.com/vce-350-018.html D. In order to pass traffic between two interfaces that belong to the same security zone you must configure a pass action using class-default. E. Traffic cannot flow between a zone member interface and any interface that is not a zone member. Which two statements about 802.1x authentication with port security are true Choose two. A. If any client causes a security violation the port is immediately placed in spanning-tree disabled mode. B. An entry is created in the secure host table for any client that is authenticated and manually configured for port security even if the table is full. C. 802.1x manages network access for all authorized MAC addresses. D. If a client is authenticated and the port security table is full the oldest client is aged out. E. If any host causes a security violation the port is immediately error-disabled. If an ASA device is configured as a remote access IPsec server with RADIUS authentication and password management enabled which type of authentication will it use A. MS-CHAFV2 B. MS-CHAPv1 C. RSA D. NTLM E. PAP QUESTION 6: QUESTION 7: Answer: A C E Answer: B E Answer: E

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http://www.examcollectionvce.com/vce-350-018.html What SNMPv3 command disables descriptive error messages A. snmp-server usm Cisco B. snmp-server ifindex persist C. snmp-server trap link switchover D. snmp-server inform Which statement about SNMP control plane policing is true A. The SNMP management plane always has a source IP address B. SNMP traffic is processed via CEF in the data plane. C. The CoPP SNMP feature can forward and manage traffic during heavy traffic load. D. SNMP traps are processed by the data plane. . What are two actions you can take to Protect against DDoS attacks on Cisco routers and switches Choose two. A. Implement MAC address filtering. B. Filter the RFC 1918 address space. C. Configure PIM-SM. D. Rate limit SYN packets. E. Configure IP snooping. QUESTION 8: QUESTION 9: QUESTION 10: Answer: A Answer: B D Answer: C

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