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FCA Thailand:

FCA Thailand Payroll Services Pattaya

About Us:

About Us FCA (Thailand) , Is Thailand's most professional accounting services company, specializing in monthly payroll, book-keeping, auditing, forensic accounting and financial consulting. As a member of the prestigious Sutlet Group, we have been serving Thailand's leading businesses and residents for years, providing up-to-date and intelligent accounting advice and services. At present, we successfully manage the on-going accounting and audit needs for almost 100 organisations in Thailand. In an incredibly complicated accounting environment, FCA Thailand will deliver clear, logical advice that will provide you with confidence in our service. Our customer service team is organized, friendly and informative and, at all times, you will have complete and total knowledge of your accounting situation.

Payroll In Thailand:

Payroll In Thailand Working in the western world we are accustomed to receiving payslips from our employer every pay day be it weekly or monthly, with our payslips are extensive details of what we have been paid and unfortunately what deductions the government has seen fit to take back! Here in Asia the same rule is very rarely applied, especially with the smaller companies as when pay day arrives you might receive a spreadsheet at best. The Western and Asian world’s differences regarding confidentiality are immense. We would never ask a fellow employee what salary they received, whereas in Asia it is common place to ask this question. Regrettably, the whole area of payroll is a very contentious one, leading to a multitude of problems, for a company and its staff to run smoothly privacy is paramount. “Why is Khun Somchai paid more than me, when I work longer and harder than he does?”

Payroll In Thailand:

Payroll In Thailand FCA Thailand have been providing payroll services for several years and one of the many areas in which they advise their client’s, is the need for confidentiality. You will never stop employees talking about their salaries to other employees despite what rules you have in your company handbook. However, it is worth pointing out to all parties concerned and trying to educate the employees to understand the need to be circumspect with their salaries. This whole problem is more than a little unfortunate, but you can at least take the process of salaries out of your office and entrust it with a third party professional. FCA’s payroll service provides a professional and consistent approach that removes the burden from your HR team or Accounting team. Our service requires you to work with our payroll team to create the customized payroll package to meet your needs .

Why Outsource?:

Why Outsource? Our competitive advantage There are a multitude of organisations in Thailand that offer accounting and auditing services of some kind or another. So, given all this choice, why should you contact FCA Thailand for assistance with your monthly accounting, voucher management, payroll, auditing and other accounting services? We understand that our clients and prospective clients need us to be special. This is why we have developed specific competitive advantages over other legal service providers, as follows: We don't just provide services, we develop relationships. Our goal is to work with our clients for the duration of their time in Thailand, with the objective being that this is many years. Our team will take your legal situation on board and treat it as though it was our own; our goal is to always ensure you feel comfortable and confident in our relationship and that we remain honest and open in our work together.

Why Outsource?:

Why Outsource?

Customizable Payslips:

Customizable Payslips

FCA Customer Service:

FCA Customer Service We pride ourselves on our professional level of customer service, for three reasons: We take great care in our recruitment policies, ensuring that we only recruit the best candidates with the right attitude and desire to work hard. We train our team effectively to be friendly, professional and knowledgeable. With all customer service representatives possessing strong English and Thai language skills, they are confident in handling all manner of customer needs. Our team operates within a strong customer service system, designed to maximise efficiency, reduce wasted resources and ensure our clients are always aware of progress.

FCA Customer Service:

FCA Customer Service

Pattaya Accounting Package:

Pattaya Accounting Package The package is aimed at clients with basic accounting needs, this includes the following professional accounting and payroll services: Services Payroll – Complete confidential service** Monthly collection of invoices, receipts, vouchers Input of above to our accounting software Submission of VAT, withholding tax and social security payments Collection of tax receipts, as per above payments Presentation of a monthly report to you outlining: Profit & loss Balance sheet Trial balance Copies of all tax submissions and receipts All the above services available in Thai & English Opening offer service fee: Baht *4,500/month + government fees *Terms and conditions apply related to your number of transactions, location and current condition of accounts **Including up to 5 employees, or more please contact us

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