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Student Athletes : 

Student Athletes A perfect combination!

Objective : 

Objective To find out the definition of student athlete and understand that both components equal the whole. To set a personal academic and fitness goal for the next two weeks.

“Student-Athlete” : 

“Student-Athlete” A direct balance between being a full-time student and a full-time athlete. Note that the word “student” is placed before the word athlete. Being a “student” comes first. Academics before play. Also note the word “athlete” has the same number of letters, perfectly balancing the equation! Being an “athlete” is important as well. Do not ignore the physical part. Work both your brain and body!

A Full Time Student : 

A Full Time Student Academics are a priority! Stay with you throughout school career and beyond. Can’t be erased, what’s done is done. Take it seriously! Education is built upon what you already know. Learning never stops 

A Full Time Athlete : 

A Full Time Athlete Taking care of yourself is a priority! Stay with you throughout school career and beyond. Can start anytime. Benefits of exercise: Oxygen throughout the body, strengthens organs, fights disease, increases energy, can be fun! Take it seriously! Only have one body. Good for your brain, too!

The Key to Success : 

The Key to Success Taking it slow at first. Don’t expect to be an expert in school or sports in the beginning. Don’t get overwhelmed! Add a little bit of exercise at a time. Increase as you get better Be consistent! As with anything, don’t give up!

How Do I Do This? : 

How Do I Do This? Use a planner! Write down your homework, exercise/workouts, and thought. Set goals! Begin small and progress bigger as you succeed. Talk to your parents! Ask them for ideas, help, include them

Where to go? : 

Where to go? Go to the website and make an activity calendar. Document your goals and activity for 2 weeks.

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