Confessions of a Knitter


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Confessions of a Knitter :

Confessions of a Knitter


I am a yarnaholic which means I have more yarn stashed away than any one person could possibly use in a lifetime. There’s something about yarn that makes me feel very comfortable and secure. I inherited this passion from my grandma who was a passionate knitter. I used to stuff her  knitting bag  with loads of yarn and run around the hallway yelling “One day I will have a house full of yarn…. lots of yarn” My mom assumed that my passion would wear off, but she was wrong. As I got older, I got more and more involved in the craft and my obsession for latest  knitting designs  kept me awake for many nights. I eventually got married had kids and life moved on but my obsession for sweaters, beanies, booties and blankets was immovable. My kids always joke that a bag full of  knitting accessories  will bring me more joy than a free trip to Hawaii. I can knit all day, every day, anywhere and everywhere. I don’t mind spending a fortune on buying the best yarn. I make at least two trips every week to the nearest yarn store. Even if I don’t want to buy anything, I will still go to see what’s in store and if anything, new has been added to the shelves that would suit my interest. If there’s one thing I love, other than my family its yarn. 

Knitting needle case:

Knitting needle case Apart from my beautiful stash of yarn I have a variety of  knitting bags  that I carry to my class. My latest  Carry All from  Yazzii  has been an eyesore to many of my group mates. I was so impressed with the quality of this bag that I went ahead and bought  3 threading bags,   2 quilting bags, 3 tool organizers, 2 tote bags and 1 crafters basket  from the same brand.    I work really hard in producing the best designs and I am proud that I earn enough to splurge on the things I enjoy . 

Single knitting tote:

Single knitting tote Apart from knitting orders I undertake a lot of sewing and quilt work. Having a multipurpose craft organiser in my craft room and a compact craft organiser for travelling has made my life very easy. I love to redo my craft room every six months with DIY craft storage containers. I like to keep my work area tidy and organized. There are times I have multiple orders to be delivered within the same week hence having a system in place is very important for me.

Deluxe craft storage organiser:

Deluxe craft storage organiser I have come a long way from hiding my stash. I used to hide them under the bed, in my bathroom, on kitchen counters, in the freezer, inside the pillows, in the closet, inside shoe boxes, on the attic, and inside the trunk of my old car. I was devoting a lot of time to my obsession and I felt guilty at times. But I suppose I have learnt that it is possible to balance your passion with responsibilities and work efficiently in a guilt free environment.  I agree that knitting is an obsession to many of us, including myself, but there is no need to hide and do it. As far you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and you’re not overburdening yourself or neglecting any of your responsibilities there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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