Dramatic Play: Create & Implement Dramatic Play Center

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Dramatic Play:

Dramatic Play How to successfully create & implement a dramatic play center

Step 1: Location & Space:

Step 1: Location & Space Strategically place dramatic play center Ensure there is enough space for students & materials Consider the noise level Establish natural lighting

Step 2: Furniture & Equipment:

Step 2: Furniture & Equipment Consider the themes within the dramatic play center Choose appropriate furniture (large & small ) Include furniture/ equipment with storage features Ensure organization

Step 3: Props & Materials:

Step 3: Props & Materials Incorporate developmentally appropriate materials Provide materials that develop cognitive, language, social, & physical skills Include a variety of props & materials

Step 4: Implementation :

Step 4: Implementation Allow children to explore the dramatic play center Carefully observe the interactions between the children and materials & children and children

Step 5: Evaluation:

Step 5: Evaluation Observe children’s interests Identify props/ materials children are uninterested in Ask yourself: What is missing? How can I make this better ? Make appropriate changes

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