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A Faith-based workshop I did for the Nonprofit Resource Cener, City of riverside, CA


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Grant Writing For Faith Based Organizations


Jenai Morehead What is a: Faith Based Organization Religious Organization Community Based Organization

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Jenai Morehead Before writing a grant Know national, regional and local priorities of funders. Understand and be a part of the public decision making process for funding. Understand the criteria for a grant.


Jenai Morehead Before writing a grant Have your corporate paperwork in order Articles, Bylaws, Board of directors 501c3. Find out if you meet the criteria for the grant? Does a church need a separate nonprofit or can it write a grant? Do your research: Your Mission=Funder’s Mission


Jenai Morehead Understand Priorities: Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Initiatives To form partnerships with community and faith based organizations to more effectively serve Americans in need Strengthen the Role of Community Organizations in the economic recovery Promote interfaith dialog and cooperation Goal: To make sure that neighborhood organizations are aware of relevant grant opportunities throughout the Federal Government.

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Jenai Morehead Priorities of City of Riverside (Partial list from 5 year consolidated plan-2010-2014) Special Needs Services Homeless shelters, domestic violence, abused children Community Services Anti crime and promote Youth activities Capital improvement Improve Libraries and youth centers Economic Job training

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Jenai Morehead What do funders expect from the Faith Community How do I express my faith in grant writing? Partners in Hope Executive Summary Example How can you increase your chances of a winning grant Where can I find funders who give to religious or faith based organizations?

Grant Writing :

Jenai Morehead Let’s practice Writing and reviewing The assignment We will practice writing a one (1) page letter of inquiry in this session (handout) 10-15 We will be asking a funder to give us money for whatever charitable project you need money for. Use your own style of writing. If you’re not ready to write at this moment then jot down points and thoughts under each section using the paper provided. Share with someone in the room that will be your “reviewer” and that will ask questions and give positive and constructive feedback.

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Jenai Morehead Let’s practice Writing and reviewing The Letter of Inquiry Outline A letter of inquiry follows the outline of a basic proposal. It should include the following sections: The introduction or Executive Summary The organization’s description The statement of need The methodology The final summary

Before writing a grant:

Jenai Morehead Continue to do a good job Your community values your ability to serve in unique ways. Please continue to serve with: Professionalism Accountability Increase your capacity to serve in your community

Before writing a grant:

Thank you Jenai A. Morehead

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