I want u in my heart episode 4

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I want u in my heart A Jemi Story : 

I want u in my heart A Jemi Story Episode 4 Nelena Love

-Starring- : 

-Starring- Nelena Jemi Kashley Miley & Cody Tony & Chelsea

~in Demi's dream~ (note keep in mind this is her dream) : 

~in Demi's dream~ (note keep in mind this is her dream) Joe: i want to be with you forever Demi: really? Joe: Yes! Demi: *hugs him* Joe: *kisses her* Jemi: *makes out* Demi: *wakes up, panting* Demi's Mom: get up Demi! Demi: *gets dressed and goes downstairs*

School & Flowers : 

School & Flowers Demi: *at her locker* ???: *comes up* Guess who! *covers her eyes* Demi: *laughs* Joe! Joe: hi! Demi: *turns around* Joe: this is for you *hands her a flower* Demi: *hugs him* thank you *smells her flower* Joe: *hugs her back* your welcome ~The Bell Rings~ Joe: lets get to homeroom Demi: ok Joe & Demi: *goes to homeroom*

-In homeroom- : 

-In homeroom- Demi: *goes to sit down* Joe: Allow me *pulls her chair out for her* Demi: thanks! You are so sweet! Joe: your welcome Selena: hey guys! -to Demi- What's with the flower? Demi: Hi! Joe gave it to me! Selena: Cool! Guess what?! Joe & Demi: What??!!

-In homeroom 2- : 

-In homeroom 2- Selena: -to Nick- *mouths* Can I? Nick: -to Selena- *mouths back- sure Selena: I have a boyfriend! Joe & Demi: Who? Nick: *comes up & hugs selena* Me! Demi: Aww nelena Nick & Joe: nelena Demi & Selena: nick and selena Joe & Nick: oh Demi: congrats *hugs her*

-In homeroom 3- : 

-In homeroom 3- Nick: what about me? Demi: *hugs him too* Joe: *jealous* Demi: jealous Joe? Joe: *nervous* n0... Nelena & Demi: yes you are Joe: fine i am... Demi & Nelena: *laughs* Joe: *hugs Demi*

In class : 

In class Joe: will you go out with me tonight? Demi: um... Joe: please just one night Demi: i dont know Joe: please? Demi: I'll think about it Teacher: *walks in & starts class Everyone: *listens*

In class 2 : 

In class 2 Miley: -to nick- *whispers* can you believe we're not together for Romeo and Juliet? Nick: yes i can & i'm glad we aren't Miley: *yells* Why?! Teacher: Miley you have detention after school! Miley: what?! Teacher: All week! -to everyone else- you may all leave expect for miley Everyone but Miley: *leaves

-Lunch- : 

-Lunch- The order is this: (from left to right then down)

-Lunch 2- : 

-Lunch 2- Ashley & Selena: Miley was really mad during social Kevin & Jemi: yeah what happened? Jemi, Kashley & Selena: *looks at nick* Nick: she asked me if i could believe we weren't together for Romeo & Juliet Selena: what did you say? *worried* Nick: don't worry I said yes and that I was glad we weren't Selena: *hugs him* Chelsea: *walks up* hey.. *nervous* Joe: yes? Chelsea: can i sit with you? Demi, Selena & Ashley: sure Chelsea: *sits down sad* Nelena, Jemi, & Kashley: what's wrong? Chelsea: Miley hates me -Bell Rings-

An agree to a date : 

An agree to a date Demi: Can i talk to you Joe? Joe: sure Demi: i wanna go on a date Joe: really? *happy* Demi: yes Joe: I'll pick you up at 7 tonight Demi: okay i.. Joe: yes? Demi: i love you Joe: *laughs*

An agree to a date 2 : 

An agree to a date 2 Demi: what? Joe: chill baby Demi: baby?! Joe: sorry it slipped out Demi: its okay -Final Bell Rings- Joe: Bye Dems! Demi: Bye Joe! Joe & Demi: *goes home*

6:15 : 

6:15 -with Demi & Selena @ Demi's house- Demi: *getting ready* what do you think? NOTE: the picture of Demi is by the title Selena: that's perfect -7:00- -A knock on Demi's door- Selena: *hides* Demi: *opens the door* hey! Joe: hey! *hands her a flower* you look beautiful Demi: *takes the flower* thanks *blushes* Joe: shall we? *holds out his hand* Demi: we shall *takes his hand

The Date : 

The Date Joe: here we are Demi: the beach? Joe: yep! this is were we used to play as kids Demi: a picnic? Joe: yep *sits her down* Demi: *smiles* Joe: *smiles & sits down* -After they eat-

The Date : 

The Date Joe: may I have this dance? Demi: of course Joe: *plays the music & holds her close* Demi: *looks into his eyes* Joe: *leans in* Jemi: *kisses then pulls away* Joe: be my girlfriend? Demi: I'd love to Joe: *hugs her & kisses her forhead*

End of Episode 4 : 

End of Episode 4 MINI CLIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww Jemi is sooo cute!! I am not going to post when the videos get a certain number of views, I am just going to post whenever I Have time! Thanks for Watching. (some views will be nice though, I do want some) hope you like! ♥ Tori

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