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I want u in my heart A jemi story : 

I want u in my heart A jemi story Episode 3 out of the hospital NOTE: NOBODY IS A COUPLE YET IM JUST SAVING ROOM! =P

Starring............... : 

Starring............... Jemi (CUTE!!!) Nelena Kashley Miley & Cody Tony Oller Chelsea Staub

-In Demi's Hospital Room : 

-In Demi's Hospital Room Demi: *sleeping* Joe: *walks in & holds her hand* Demi: *wakes up & lets go of Joes hand* Joe: morning *smiles* Demi: *laughs* Joe: *laughs with her* Demi: *hugs him* oh sorry Joe: its ok will u be my friend Demi? Demi: i dont know Joe: please? *puppy face* Demi: ok we can try being friends Joe: *hugs her* Demi: *hugs him* Joe: i have to go Demi: Bye! *smiles*

-With Joe, in waiting room : 

-With Joe, in waiting room Kevin & Nelena: what happened *curious* Joe: Demi & i are friends Nelena: thats good Joe: i know Selena: *happy* Jo Bros: * laughs* Demi & Selena: *laughs* Selena: Dems ur ok! *smiles & hugs her* Joe: *puts his arm around Demi*

-With Joe, in waiting room 2 : 

-With Joe, in waiting room 2 Demi: *laughs* Joe (cute jemi love now on to the story) Joe: sorry Selena & Ashley: im glad u too are friends Kevin: *staring at Ashley* Ashley: What?! Kevin: nothing ur beautiful Ashley: thanks *blushes* Nelena & Jemi: lets go home Kevin: ok -to Ashley- wanna come? Ashley: Sure

Jonas House : 

Jonas House Selena: what do u want to do? Joe: wanna watch a movie? Demi: what movie? Joe: how about my bloody valentine' Demi, Nelena, & Kashley: sure Joe: *puts it in* Ashley, Demi, & Selena: *scared, holds jo bros hands* Joe: ur welcome to hold my hand anytime Kevin: um Ashley? Nick: Selena?

Jonas House 2 : 

Jonas House 2 Demi: thanks Selena & Ashley: Sorry Nick & Kevin: its ok Girls: *scream* Joe & Nick: *hug Demi & Selena* Kevin: Are u ok Ashley? Ashley: *shakes her head* Kevin: come here Ashley: *hugs Kevin* Girls: *hides their eyes in Jonas brothers' chest* END OF MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

School : 

School Demi: *walks in nervous* Joe: *walks up to her* hey! are u ok? *concerned* Demi: Im nervous Joe: it will be ok *hugs her* Nelena, & Kashley: *walks up* hey! Selena & Ashley: cute! Jemi: Hi Selena: Dems u ok? Demi: Im nervous Nelena & Kashley: it will be ok Demi: Thanks guys! *smiles*

In class : 

In class Teacher: we are going to do Romeo & Juliet u all will be doing the kissing scene. Kashley Tony & Chelsea Miley & Cody Nelena Jemi the groups are;

In class 2 : 

In class 2 Nelena, Jemi, & Kashley: -thinks; yay!- Miley: -thinks; i wanted to be with nick- *frowns* Miley, Cody, Chelsea, & Tony: -thinks; this sucks- Teacher: continues class ~Bell Rings~ Nelena, Jemi & Kashley: *leaves* Demi: im glad we are together for the project Joe: me too Nelena: we are too Kashley: us too Jemi, Nelena, & Kashley: *laughs*

Demi's Room : 

Demi's Room Demi: *doing homework* Joe: *walks in* hey! Demi: hi! Joe: *hugs her* ur cute Demi: *blushes* thanks! come on Joe: Where? Demi: Selena's Joe: ok Jemi: *goes to Selena's house*

Selena's House : 

Selena's House Demi: *knocks on door* Selena: coming! *opens door* hey! Jemi: Hi! can we come in? Selena: sure Jemi: *walks in* Nick: hey whats up? Jemi: nothing u? Nick: we are going to do homework then watch a movie

The Movie Note: the movie is twilight! : 

The Movie Note: the movie is twilight! Demi: arent Bella & Edward cute? Selena: yeah Joe & Nick: i guess Miley & Chelsea: Hey! Nelena & Jemi: what do u want?! Miley & Chelsea: nothing *leaves* Nelena & Jemi: good their gone *laughs* Selena: aww i love this scene Demi: me too A/N the scene is their first kiss Joe & Nick: u too are so girly Demi & Selena: thanks

The Movie Note: the movie is twilight! : 

The Movie Note: the movie is twilight! Joe & Nick: and cute Demi & Selena: thanks *blushes* End of movie Jemi: got to go! Nelena: bye!

End of Episode 3 : 

End of Episode 3 Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 views and 10 comments!

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