i want u in my heart episode 2

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I want u in my heart A Jemi Story : 

I want u in my heart A Jemi Story Episode 2

Starring………….. : 

Starring………….. Bff! Demi & Selena The Jonas Brothers! Miley Cyrus

Slide 3: 

Joe: *sits next to Demi* hi *nervous* Demi: Wat do u want?! Joe: I just wanted to say hi and that u look very beautiful today Demi:*blushes* -thinks; who knew he could be so sweet- Joe: ur blushing Demi: Shut up & leave me alone Joe: ok -thinks: I really love her- In class before it starts

The Jonas House : 

The Jonas House Joe: Im home Nick: Hey Joe! Are u ok? Joe: I guess *sad* -Kevin walks in- whats wrong dude? Joe: nothing im fine *goes to his room and daydreams of Demi*

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-In Joe's Daydream-(note pics are a different color cuz they are his daydream)

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-A knock on her door- Demi: come in ???: *comes in* Demi: Wat are u doing here? *kinda happy but she doesnt know why* ???: I wanted to see u *smiles* Demi: Why did u want to see me joe? Joe: cuz I………….. -thinks: just tell her- I love u *nervous* Demi: you do? Joe: *nervous* um……….. yes Demi: -thinks: wow. i cant believe this he loves me- *breathing hard then faints* Joe: DEMI!!!!!!!!!!! With Demi

with Joe and Demi : 

with Joe and Demi Demi: Joe? Joe: Im here dont worry were almost there Demi: *whispers* i-i love u *faints again* Joe: Please! hang on Demi Demi: *still out* Joe: KEVIN! lets go to the hospital Demi's fainted

In Kevin's Car : 

In Kevin's Car Kevin is in the front with nick, Joe is the back with Demi Kevin & nick: what happened? Joe: she fainted Kevin: What did u say? Joe: i told her i love her Kevin: What happened next? Joe: she just fainted but she woke up the way here Kevin: What did she say when she woke up? Joe: she said she loved me then she fainted again Kevin: i think shes just in shock i think u should call selena Joe: way ahead of u *calls selena* Selena: *answers* hey Joe! Joe: meet me at the hospital and bring Demi's parents Selena: ok

At the hospital : 

At the hospital Doctor: *comes into waiting room*Who's here for Demi Lovato? Demi's parents: we are Doctor: She is just in shock nothing serious Everyone: Thank u doctor Doctor: *leaves* Joe: thank god she is ok *goes to see her with her parents* Joe & Demi's parents: *walk into her room*

In Demi's Room : 

In Demi's Room Joe: Hi Demi *to Demi parents* can i talk to her alone? demi parents: sure *leaves* Demi: *wakes up* Joe? Joe: im right here Demi: hi what happened? Joe: you fainted Demi: Why? Joe: the doctor said u were in shock Demi: omg! im sorry Joe: why are u sorry? Demi: cuz i probably scared u Joe: dont worry ur fine now and that's what matters Demi: *hugs him* Joe: *hugs her back*

End of Episode 2 : 

End of Episode 2 What Should Happen next? Its totally up to u! If I dont know what u want I will just keep going with whatever I want! Thanks for watching!

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