asking, giving and refusing things(goods)

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useful for speaking skill


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mantap, boleh dicopy?

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asking, giving and refusing things(goods)/services :

asking, giving and refusing things(goods)/services

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Expressions Functions Can You help me? Would you take an English book to my school to me ,please Could you come before 10.30 Asking for goods/services - Sure - all right - okay Giving goods/services - No, Thank you Refusing goods /services

Some Other examples:

Some Other examples Expressions Functions - Could you do me a favor? Would you bring me a book, please? Asking for goods/services - Yes, what do you want me to do? - Yes, Sure giving for goods/services - No, thank you - No, I can do it myself refusing goods/services

The questions of listening script:

The questions of listening script 1. Who needs a favor ? 2. What are they talking about? 3. Where will Nina go? 4. How many days is Nina going to visit her uncle? 5. Who is Niko probably?

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