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SUNY Geneseo/Milne Library Single Service Desk Model Tom Ottaviano & Justina Elmore

Why we chose this model:

Why we chose this model Student work study hours Reference Librarian’s time Extended Ref Q’s Expand Research Consultations More time for Library Instruction Lit Review & Librarian’s face time ?

Floor Plan:

Floor Plan Main Entrance Service Points

The old circulation desk:

The old circulation desk Service Points #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Old Circulation Desk Section I:

Old Circulation Desk Section I

Old Circulation Desk Section II:

Old Circulation Desk Section II

Old Reference Desk & Offices:

Reference Desk #10 #11 Old Reference Desk & Offices

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Old Reference Desk & Offices

Staff & Librarian Desks:

Staff & Librarian Desks

Goals of the new Service Desk :

Goals of the new Service Desk Service points closer together Reference closer to the Service Desk Allow Circulation Staff time and space away from the Service Desk Clean up & Expand IDS and Reserves Keep Electronics accessible for quick charging and check out

New Service Desk :

New Service Desk

Netbooks an’ pagers…:

Netbooks an’ pagers…

The new Consultation Area:

The new Consultation Area Close proximity to the Service Desk Location conducive and welcoming to extended Reference Questions (and not stapler/directional questions) Clear and open path for referrals from the Service Desk Stations for one-on-one consultations and group consultations. White boards for brainstorming and note-taking

Research Consultation area 2009:

Research Consultation area 2009

Research Consultation area 2012:

Research Consultation area 2012 #2 #3 #4 #5 #1

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What training? Address concerns expressed by both the circulation staff and the reference librarians Ensure a continuation of quality reference service

Staff Training:

Staff Training

Student Training:

Student Training Six hour training day Circulation Duties Reference Triage Tech Help Training Student Supervisor Training One-on-one with staff Advanced training New students One-on-one with staff Work with students mentors myCourses

Plans for change:

Plans for change Staff responsibilities Extended reference Student responsibilities Tech help Extended reference (sups)

myCourses Training Module:

myCourses Training Module

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