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Albert Roldan Mr. Zamperin 4 th grade San Rafael

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Facts about San Rafael fact 1. The date for San Rafael is December17,1817. Fact 2. The founder of mission San Rafael was father Vicente de sarrÌa Fact 3. The mission got its name from st.Raphael the arch angel,patron of good heath. Fact 4.The location of San Rafael is on 1104 Fifth Avenue San Rafael.

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History of San Rafael `San Rafael was the 20 th mission to be put into the mission chain.Father Vincente de sarria was a patron of good heath.The Native Amercians of San Rafael were treated as slaves they were called the Chumash Indians

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Nighboring Missons The closest mission to mission SanRafael is only San Fernando Rey de Espańa

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References The websites I used for this slide show where:Califorina missions Online. Com,http:// mission. Bgmm. Com/ San Rafael.htm, Athanasius my book was ;mission San Rafael

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