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Ancient China:

Ancient China By Samantha Russon Grade 6 Mercy

Geographic Features :

Geographic Features China’s land rivers helped shape early civilizations The Chang Jiang and the Huang He rivers gave rise to fertile farmlands and sometimes destructive floods Chinese were isolated by the Himalayas, Gobi Desert, Plateau of Tibet, rivers and the Pacific ocean 3 steps : mountain ranges, high plateaus fertile plains and valleys The ancient Chinese believed that they were the only people in the world because of these natural

Shang Dynasty:

Shang Dynasty Shang dynasty started the bronze ages They became known for inventing writing, oracle bones, horse spoked wheels and jade , a green stone, Shang dynasty also became known to be the first to China one king People began to divide up into the rich and the poor The Shang dynasty lasted for 700 years, but finally were conquered by the Zhou about 1100b.c.

Zhou Dynasty:

Zhou Dynasty The Zhou dynasty conquered the last Shang dynasty . They were known for poor governing. Assigned noblemen to serve as regional rulers. This form or government started to work well, until the king became less powerful while the noblemen were gaining more power. As the Zhou dynasty had a terrible defeat in war the nobleman took more power, but eventually the Zhou dynasty was overthrown in 256 B.C..


Confucius Confucius was born in the 2 nd half of Zhou dynasty. He started to grow un happy about moral values of society. He strongly believed in respect . He also believed that the goal of every person should be to gain jen or humanity by living the golden rule. The golden rule was “ What you do not wish for yourself do not do to others “.

Confucianism :

Confucianism After Confucian's death his ideas spread over Asia know as Confucianism Confucianism emphasized behavior, kindness, tradition, respect to elders and education He believed that rulers need to show love and virtue He also believed that family is the model for government Children should respect parents and people respect rulers

Qin Dynasty :

Qin Dynasty 1 st Chinese empire ( 221bc ). Lasted only 15 years (221 – 206 b.c ). Man law- legalism absolute power to a ruler (Qin). Qin unified northern China . Harsh rules for the district, who eve opposed Qin would ..DIE.

Han Dynasty:

Han Dynasty Life there was not golden, but was a good life because of silk roads Created new works literature and music One of Han emperors (Wudi )agreed that Confucius’ teachings were the key to life The poor acted as gangs terrorizing the city

Silk road :

Silk road Was a trade route used form Rome to China ( 400 MILES ). It was dangerous because of pirates and natural occurrences . 3 main travel routes northern-westward-black sea, central route- Persia- Mediterranean sea- Rome, southern route-westward to Iran India. Rome soldiers wanted more silk yet silk was scarce . The only source of water and food on the silk road was in Gansu Corridor

Inventions of China :

Inventions of Chin a Decimal system Silk Seismograph Paper (money) Lacquer ware Rockets, matches and fire works Harness The abacas Compass Wheel barrow Kites Gun powder and compass Geometry Ice cream Jump rope and dominos Folding umbrellas Cross bow Hallelujah Wallpaper Cards are all inventions made by Chinese Astronomy Licker paint Pottery wheel Sun dial and water and water wheel

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