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Ancient China:

Ancient China Jasmine Cordero Grade 6 Mercy

Geographic Features:

Geographic Features Chinas rivers helped shape early Chinese The Chang Jiang and the Huang He rivers gave rise to fertile farm lands, and sometimes, destructive floods The ancient Chinese people were so isolated by the Himalayas, Gobi Desert, plateau of Tibet, Rivers, and the Pacific ocean Chinas landscape can be broken down into 3 steps: Mountains, ranges, high plateaus, and low fertile plains and valleys They believed they were the only people in the world because of these natural barriers

Shang Dynasty:

Shang Dynasty Around 2000 BC people learned how to make bronze out of tin and copper, so they called it the bronze age Like Sumerian and Egyptian writing of that time, their writing was based on pictures that stand for ideas and sounds In about 1800 BC People had already begun to divide up the rich and the poor we know that some people were slaves under the Shang dynasty Many men were in the kings armies The Shang dynasty lasted for about 700 years, but finaly they were conquered by Chou, about 1100 BC

The Zhou Dynasty:

The Zhou Dynasty The Zhou family was able to defeat and over thrown the last Shang dynasty king The pesants could not own land They claimed that the Shang dynasty had lost mendate of heaven due to their poor governing Over time the king slowly became less powerful The Zhou dynasty would become the longest lasting dynasty in Chinese history lasting 800 years, they manage to hang on to power for another 500 years, then in 256 B.C. the Zhou dynasty was finally overthrone


Confucius Confucius was born during the second half of the Zhou Dynasty In 524 B.C. Confucius became a teacher In 498 B.C. Confucius is appointed minister of crime in his home state of Lu He created the golden rule: “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.” He died at the age of 72


Confucianism Family is the model for government Confucianism emphasized the importance of behavior, kindness, tradition, respect for elders, and education Children should respect parents, and people should respect rulers He believed people should show virtue and lead by example His idea was not spread during his life, but after his death, Confucius teachings spread throughout Asia

Qin Dynasty:

Qin Dynasty Began as a small state in the western region of the Wei River valley When the Zhou dynasty finally fell in 256 B.C Qin became northern Chinas most powerful state By 221 B.C , the Qin kingdom controlled all of the northern states The warring states period was over the Qin king now ruled over Chinas first empire After founding the Qin empire , the king named himself Qin Shi Huangdi, or the “First Emperor of China ”

Han Dynasty:

Han Dynasty The creation of the ‘silk road’ made china prosper During the Han Dynasty acupuncture paper and the seismograph were invented The poor lived in packed houses and the rich built elaborate homes Cities were well organized and centers of education , trade, and government, and entertainment One of the Han emperors agreed with Confucius, and started a system of public schools

Silk Road:

Silk Road The silk road was a name given to any route that led across china to Rome it wasn’t paved, it wasn’t even a single route it wasn’t a red road When the Romans were frustrated, they sent soldiers to follow the silk road so they can find the source of silk There were many dangers along the silk road like, white hot sand dunes, for bidding mountains brutal winds , and poisonous snakes The Silk Road took caravans to the farthest extant of the of the Han Empire The Romans wanted a lot of silk, but they did not know who was making this wonderful material

Contributions of Ancient China:

Contributions of Ancient China Silk The abacus Compass Wheel barrow Kites Matches Gun powder Water wheel Dominoes Pottery wheel Ink Paper money Jump rope Ice cream Printing Playing cards Wallpaper Cross bow Folding umbrella Tea ceramony

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