Ancient China

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Ancient China:

Ancient China Alexis Segura Grade 6 Mercy

Geographic Features:

Geographic Features 1) China’s rivers helped shape early civilization 2) Chinese people were isolated by the HIMALAYAS 3) They believed that china was all under heaven 4) China’s landscape can be broken down into 3 steps mountains, plateau, and valleys 5) One of China’s most dangerous deserts is the Gobi Desert

Shang Dynasty:

Around 2000 BC, people in China learned how to make bronze out of tin and copper About the same time, people in China also developed writing Oracle bones were used to tell fortunes By about 1800 BC, the Shang dynasty had become the first to unite a big part of China under one king Shang Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty:

The Zhou Dynasty The Zhou Dynasty defeated the last Shang Dynasty The Zhou dynasty (1122-221 BC) was a semi-nomadic clan and first came into power when it overthrew the Shang dynasty in 1122 B.C. The Zhou Dynasty overthrew the Shang Dynasty The Zhou Dynasty lasted for many years The Zhou Dynasty almost toke over all of eastern china

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