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Motorkote.com.au offers America’s number 1 engine oil additives that improve the engine’s performance like never before. Place your order for petrol or diesel additive from here. The full range of Motorkote products is offered in Australia today.


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Diesel Additive at Par with Slick 50 for an Optimized Engine Performance :

Diesel Additive at Par with Slick 50 for an Optimized Engine Performance Vehicles require fuel for their operation and people often forget the basic requisites of fuel treatment. This ignorance can later tend to negatively affect the performance of a particular vehicle. Fuel treatment products have made a profound appearance in the automotive spares market with many famed brands such as Slick 50. The gradual accumulation of the so called “gunk” can be credited to the natural effluents and inferior fuel qualities. The effect of these factors can be observed in the long run which tends to ruin the functionality of separate valves by clogging them.

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Additives can clear off gunk with minimum efforts and the operation of gears and the engine can be maintained at an optimum with their frequent use. Many fuel additives have lubrication as an obvious addition to the package. Lubrication facilitates minimization of friction levels and thus vehicles can be more stable towards heavy load. Order online or call now! 1300 138 300 For more About us:- :- http://motorkote.com.au/

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