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Jeffrey Peterson is the principal lawyer at Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Petersen. Jeffrey Petersen (Attorney) started his career in 2001 at Weissmann Wolff LLP and continued working there till 2005. He also worked with 'K&L Gates'. Jeffrey Peterson is a dedicated lawyer. He has an extensive knowledge of the law and knows the profession well.


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Jeffrey Petersen Lawyer:

Jeffrey Petersen Lawyer A Senior Lawyer

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Jeffrey Petersen is a corporate lawyer who has been associated with the field since 2001.

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He started his career by working with a firm called ' Weissmann Wolff LLP'.

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He represented clients in the entertainment industry and hosted matters such as monetary issues and rights.

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In 2005, he started serving as a partner at a leading firm K&L Gates. He served at the firm until 2012.

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Jeffrey Petersen is a successful lawyer who has achieved a lot more than success in his 17-year long career.

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He has built an inspiration portfolio of himself through impressive services.

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He is currently running his own firm since 2014. He helps firms to raise sales and funds for their businesses.

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He is also making successful mergers and takeovers between companies.

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He also assists and represents clients on monetary security, acquisitions, capital raising and securities filing.

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