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International Shipping:

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Why Should You Opt for International Freight Forwarders?:

Why Should You Opt for International Freight Forwarders? Sending packages to different parts of the globe can be very problematic and stressful. However, you can avoid all the stress and problems with the assistance of a freight forwarder international company. Basically, these companies would take care of all the details and process of sending various packages anywhere in the world. If you’re still not sure if a freight forwarder is what you need, here are a few reasons why hiring a forwarder can be very beneficial for you. One main benefit of hiring a freight forwarder international company is that they are very knowledgeable about how the entire shipping process works so you don’t have to worry about how your items will get to the recipient on time. Freight forwarders know the kind of carrier service that would best suit your needs. For example, if you are planning to send large items such as pieces of furniture, the forwarder would know the ship carrier that can deliver your package efficiently. Aside from this, they are also familiar with the customs regulations and policies of various countries so you don’t have to worry about anything.

International Shipping and Professional Packing – 'The Pack & Send Difference':

International Courier delivery service & logistics providers PACK & SEND operates from conveniently situated shops on the high street and is the UK’s leading packaging and delivery company – our specialist range of packaging materials and techniques and our comprehensive delivery services allow us to pack and send anything anywhere…….we ship to the UK, Europe and make international courier deliveries to destinations around the world. Specialising in packing, shipping and freighting fragile and valuable items, PACK & SEND ensure the safe delivery of artwork, framed paintings and antiques, secure shipment of electronic, laboratory and medical equipment and are trusted shippers of valued personal items such as musical instruments, sculptures and ceramics and china and glassware. No matter how fragile, large, awkward or valuable your item is, our delivery and packaging solutions will allow us to tailor a solution to your needs. See More At: International Shipping and Professional Packing – 'The Pack & Send Difference'

PACK & SEND Difference:

PACK & SEND Difference At PACK & SEND, we are very different from a conventional freighting company, courier service or postal service. We stand out in our market because we: have an unrivalled range of high quality packing options to secure any item for transit. Packing your items for safe shipping is essential to avoid damage and disappointment. We have been packing our customers items safely since 1993 and there is virtually nothing that we have not packed and shipped before through one of our stores. We even have a packing laboratory to test solutions for very fragile loads. The bespoke packing and delivery service is also perfect for businesses: Facilitate exhibitions, conferences or demonstration events. Safely deliver essential parts, samples, proofs or prototypes anywhere. Manage high-end office moves. Deliver personal items to fulfill probate obligations for lawyers and solicitors handling client’s wills.

About PACK & SEND:

About PACK & SEND PACK & SEND is a company that offers a complete range of postal, freight, courier, packing and removalist services operating through a national retail network. We were founded in 1993, establishing the first PACK & SEND Store in August of that year at Parramatta, NSW, Australia. PACK & SEND has expanded over 15 years from the one store and is rapidly becoming a global brand. We are now a national chain with stores across Australia and New Zealand and we started trading in the UK in 2009 where we are continuing to grow our retail network through franchising. Open 5 core days a week, we manage packaging, freight and message sending services for businesses of all sizes, as well as for householders and tourists. Our freight solutions range from sending a 20gm letter to a 1 tonne consignment. More Information:

Why Pack & Send?:

Why Pack & Send? Our franchise opportunity is booming, not only because we service a market with unlimited sales opportunities, but because we also offer: A low initial investment compared to other retail franchise businesses. High gross profit margins – in excess of 65%. Low staffing levels. Low levels of non-perishable stock. Business to business trading hours. High value franchisee support services. Commitment to high profile national consumer and business media advertising and promotion.

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