Jeffrey Bewley - Dairy Cow Housing Professional

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Jeffrey Bewley - Dairy Cow Housing Professional


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Dairy Cow Housing Professional By - Jeffrey Bewley

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CowFocused Housing Partner Jeffrey Bewley works with dairy farmers and operations to design and build the practice housing they need to maximize cow health comfort and production.

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As CowFocused consultant Dr. Bewley offers the compost barn design and management consulting farmers need to minimize disruption improve cow comfort and work toward maximum production.

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Dairy Cow Housing Professional Dr. Jeffrey Bewley worked toward and received his B.S. in Animal Sciences at the University of Kentucky 1998. He then studied dairy science at UW-Madison under Dr. Roger Palmer and received his M.S. in Dairy Science in 2000.

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This was followed by PhD work at Purdue University where Dr. Bewley focused primarily on the study of Precision Dairy Farming technologies and received his Doctorate in 2008. Jeffrey Bewley

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Bewley taught as extension dairy professor at the University of Kentucky for nearly ten years and worked with colleagues to establish CowFocused Housing in January 2018. Visit CowFocused Housing today to learn more. Jeffrey Bewley

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