Jeffrey Bewley - Freestall Barn Consulting

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Jeffrey Bewley - Freestall Barn Consulting


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Jeffrey Bewley:

Jeffrey Bewley Freestall Barn Consulting

Expertise Areas and Education:

Expertise Areas and Education Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is expert in the areas of dairy farm financial analysis; animal health economics; economic decision support; mastitis management and prevention; freestall barn construction, management and modernization; compost-bedded pack barn management and construction; dairy records management and analytics; and precision dairy monitoring technology.

Alltech Herd Analytics :

Alltech Herd Analytics Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is dedicated to supplying dairy operations with the resources and technology they need to maximize production and profitability. A dairy housing specialist with Alltech, Dr. Bewley offers such on-farm solutions as Alltech Herd Analytics (AHA), which looks to use cow-based observations, metrics and visualizations…

Economic Decision Support Services:

Economic Decision Support Services Dr. Jeffrey Bewley offers Economic Decision Support solutions as part of the comprehensive on-farm support services he provides through Alltech. An Alltech Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist, Dr. Bewley delivers cow-based economic decision advising in the areas of animal disease, reproduction, culling and management..

CowSignals Evaluation and Training:

CowSignals Evaluation and Training Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is committed to providing every dairy operation the tools and technology they need to perform at their best. An Alltech Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist, Dr. Bewley offers the value of CowSignals Evaluation and Training..

Barn Flipping:

Barn Flipping Dr. Jeffrey Bewley offers dairy farmers comprehensive on-farm support and solutions for optimizing operation. A Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist at Alltech, Dr. Bewley offers barn flipping support as a way not only to evaluate an operation’s existing freestall, tie-stall or compost barns

Tie-Stall Barns:

Tie-Stall Barns Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is a longtime expert in cow comfort—as well as the design of cow-focused housing systems that maximize that comfort while improving dairy production and profitability. Dr. Bewley and his team understand the value a tie-stall barn can offer a dairy operation—one in which each animal is allowed the comfort of her own stall, bedding and food and water source.

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