Jeffrey Bewley: Detecting and Preventing Lameness in Dairy Cattle

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Jeffrey Bewley is valued for his expertise and insight in the field of dairy systems management.


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Jeffrey Bewley Detecting and Preventing Lameness in Dairy Cattle J E F F R E Y B E W L E Y

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Jeffrey Bewley is an expert in the field of dairy management – a noted dairy science scholar and professional who has researched studied and taught in the areas of animal health economics dairy farm financial analysis dairy records management and analysis and more throughout his career. J E F F R E Y B E W L E Y

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And as an expert in dairy systems management and dairy cattle welfare Jeffrey Bewley understands best practices when it comes to detecting preventing and treating lameness throughout the process of dairy production.

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Several fundamentals of lameness detection and prevention include:

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Providing cows properly-sized stalls in which to lie down enter and exit with relative ease.

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Regular proper trimming of claws to maximize cow comfort.

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Maintaining clean deep bedding within each stall.

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Keeping all walking surfaces clean and clear of manure – and ensuring each surface is non-slip and comfortable for cow movement.

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Proper maintenance and cleaning of footbaths.

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Vigilant monitoring and management of lameness incidence – which will help mitigate its occurrence.

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