Jeffrey Bewley: Common Symptoms of Mastitis

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C o m m o n S y m p t o m s o f   M a s t i t i s Presented by Jeffrey Bewley

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Jeffrey Bewley has studied dairy science and dairy management for most of his career – not only as an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky 2008-2014 and 2014-2017 respectively but also as someone with years of hands-on experience working within a dairy production environment.

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And as someone well-versed in dairy management Jeffrey Bewley has acquired considerable expertise in the field of mastitis management – including the symptoms that most commonly indicate the presence of the condition.

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S o m e o f t h e m o r e o b v i o u s s y m p t o m s o f m a s t i t i s i n c l u d e : A noticeable reduction in the animal’s appetite. Unusual swelling hardness redness pain or heat in and surrounding the udder. Flakes clots or a watery appearance in the milk. An overall reduction in the cow’s milk yield. A rise in body temperature.

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